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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Recent Empties

Over the past few months I started spending again and really haven't been using up that many products. While getting ready for a yard sale I started taking stock of what I actually own and I've realized that I have too many samples, nail polish, skin care, shampoo, makeup, and lip products. In order to save money, not only because I am not actively working, but also because one day me and my boyfriend would like to get our own place.
I cancelled my Glossybox subscription and will not be renewing my Glymm subscription in October when my one year runs out. I want to use the samples I have before they go bad. I probably have 100 various beauty samples to get through.
I used to do these type of posts to help keep me on track so I am going to start my monthly empties posts starting in September. Here are the empties that I have for June and July!
Dollarama Makeup Cleansing Wipes
For only $1.25 these wipes work surprisingly well. They always take off my foundation and eyeshadow in one or two sweeps and leave my face feeling cleansed and refreshed. I like to use these on those nights when I don't really want to fully wash my face. The only bad thing about these wipes is that they don't remove mascara that well.
Repurchase? YES
La Fresh Nail Polish Removing Wipe
I got this in a Glymm box and used one of the two that I got right away. It didn't meet its claim of only needing one wipe for all 10 nails and I found that the wipe was too oily and left kind of a gross feeling on my hands.
Purchase Full Size? NO
L'Oreal Youth Code Day & Night Cream
Got this sample in a magazine and I really liked it. I had enough for two applications and found that it spread easily on the skin and absorbed quite quickly. It left a bit of a residue on the skin, but I think that is because I used too much.
Purchase Full Size? MAYBE

 Marcelle Hydra-C Moisturizing Gel
Two uses from this sample has sold me on this moisturizing gel. Because I have oily skin I tend to gravitate towards gels instead of lotions and this sample rivalled my Holy Grail Clinique DD Moisturizing Gel. This made my skin feel heavenly, left no residue, and didn't make my skin extra oily. This magazine sample may have helped me find a new favourite product.
Purchase Full Size? YES

Estee Lauder Daywear Advanced Multi-Protection Cream SPF 15
Got this sample from the Estee Lauder counter and was told I would love it. I didn't. The cucumber smell was nice and it felt nice on my hands but on my face it just did not work. It absorbed great but left a very oily residue and sheen on my skin.
Purchase Full Size? NO
Rahua Shampoo and Conditioner
These were from a past Glymm box and I was very excited to try them as I have heard such great things about this company and these products. The woodsy smell was horrible and it lingered in my hair the next day. The shampoo didn't lather and left my hair feeling dry. The conditioner was very nice in fixing the damage from the shampoo but I didn't get anything that I can't get from a drugstore conditioner.
Purchase Full Size? NO
 Garnier Fructis Double Care Spray
I found this at Dollarama for only $1 so swiped it up quickly just because. This hair protectant and leave in conditioner was way better then I expected it to be. I used it after I washed my hair and it left my hair smooth, detangled, shiny and so soft.
Repurchase? YES

Quo Blush Brush
I got this brush not even a year ago and look at the bristles. Every hair broke at least in half and eventually it was just horrible to use. I repurchased a new one thinking that maybe I just got a fluke brush, because I take care of my brushes. But my new one is starting to do the same thing. For $13 I thought I would be getting a much better quality brush.
Repurchase? NO 


  1. This is a really great post! I love reading what people would/wouldn't repurchase.

  2. For a great bush brush buy the Eco Tools brushes, you can get them in some Wal Marts or Super Store

  3. I love that you have tried all these samples - I always save them and them totally forget to use them.

    xo danni