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Thursday, February 28, 2013

NOTD: Kozmic Colours Pastel Pink Shimmer

Today's nail of the day is one of the Kozmic Colours polishes which I showed as part of my January/February Haul. One thing that I don't like about these Dollarama polishes is that they don't come with names or even numbers, so it's hard to write a post about it and come up with my own name.

I picked up this pack of polishes because it included 4 pretty pastel colours that I thought would be perfect for Spring, and it was only $3. Three of the colours have a slight iridescent shimmer to them and then there is one cream finish shade. I am hoping to showcase all four of these polishes over the next few months.

This Pastel Pink Shimmer, is the perfect everyday shade. I think it would be good for school, a job interview, a wedding, etc. It would also look good as the base for a French Manicure. And the slight shimmer gives it a bit of depth that I feel cream finishes lack. Overall, I was really impressed with this polish and cant wait to try the other three.

It took three coats to be opaque and lasted about 5 days without chipping. I find that when I use a good base and top coat even Dollarama polishes last for almost a week.

Have you tried any Kozmic Colours polishes before?

You can slightly see the shimmer in this picture. Please ignore the cut on my finger lol

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dollarama Beauty Finds!

Hey girls I'm here today to show you some of the awesome beauty products I have been seeing at Dollarama over the last month. It seems that more and more name brand products are turning up at Dollarama for prices that cannot be beat.

Keep in mind that all Dollarama's receive different products, so yours may not have the same brands as mine.

In my last haul post I showed that I bought some Revlon and L'Oreal palettes and Kozmic Colours nail polishes. What have you been finding out your local Dollarama??
A battery operated nail dryer. I thought this compact fan was so cute, but because I use Seche Vite I didn't feel like I needed this.

So far every Dollarama in my city I've been too has an assortment of these Revlon Nail Strips.

I've now seen the complete line of Revlon's Shatter Nail Polishes at various stores. I'm wondering why such a new product has already found its way here.

Lots and lots of Wet n Wild and Kozmic Colours single polishes.

Wet n Wild Lipsticks. They only had this one colour though.

I've seen reviews of this product on a few beauty blogs I follow. A five pack was on sale for only $1! I didn't pick it up, but I'm thinking I should have.

Seeing this product kind of made me laugh. People have been joking and saying that Glossybox should be sponsored by Dollarama because of all the discontinued/older collection products they have been sending out. Maybe they have been sponsored by Dollarama all this time cause I found full size Wella hair products in a few of my city's stores!

I was surprised to see a Hard Candy product at Dollarama. Maybe all the products they are discontinuing this year will end up here. It would be cool to get some Hard Candy Boxed Powders at a discounted price.

Monday, February 18, 2013

I Don't Haul...I Hoard! - January & February 2013

So I tried really really hard to not buy anything makeup or beauty related because I put myself on a no-buy for 2013. However, I found some great products at great deals so I broke my no-buy and picked up a few things. I spent less then $35 on everything here which I am super proud of myself because usually I would spend $30 every week on beauty products!

I am still keeping myself on a no-buy for the rest of the year while I try and use up products that I already have. If you want to follow along on my no-buy check out the 2013 Inventory tab at the top of my blog!

If you would like for me to do a review of anything here let me know!

I was so shocked to see these Revlon Nail Strips at Dollarama! Usually you find discontinued collections at Dollarama, but I have just recently been seeing these Nail Polish strips at Walmart/Zehrs. They had many different designs but I preferred the silver and purple glitter gradient. I got these for 1/3 of the normal retail price.

Kozmic Colours are Dollarama brand polishes you could say. But for me they have high quality staying power and colour payoff! These for pastel spring colours came in a pack together for only $3!

I was able to try some of the Revlon double sided nail polishes through Revlon Selects so when I saw the Shatter Polishes at Dollarama I quickly picked them up. I am hoping to have a review on these soon. They were $3 a piece which I think is 1/3 of the retail price.

After seeing these all over the beauty blogging community I knew I had to try them out! I had a $1 off coupon that I used towards these.

I had a $2 off coupon so I picked up this mascara. I've heard mixed reviews so I'm hoping that I like this.

This palette was another Dollarama find. It was only $3!

As you can see another Dollarama find! I picked this up on a whim because I obviously have a problem lol

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day to Me!! Benefit Topbox

Hey ladies I'm here today with an unboxing of the February Benefit Topbox. Now I know everyone and their mother, grandmother, and sister has reviewed this box on their blog, but I was so excited to be able to buy one that I just had to do a little post about it!

Now I am not a subscriber to Topbox, because I am trying to save money and use up the samples that I already have, but when I saw this Benefit Topbox I knew I wanted it. On Sunday February 10th I saw that Topbox was selling some "extra" boxes for $12 plus tax, so I quickly bought one as a Valentine's Day present to myself. I was really impressed with Topbox because they sent out a shipping notification on Monday the 11th and I received my purchase on Wednesday the 13th.

What really drew me to this box was that I got to try 5 deluxe Benefit samples of products I have never tried before. Benefit is becoming one of my favourite brands and I love to buy the sample sizes because they last for so long and really give you an idea if you are going to like it enough to buy the full size.

Once I have a chance to try out the products for a bit I am going to do a review about how I liked them.

I have to say the I am a sucker for packaging which is why I am so attracted to Benefit products. I mean these are just samples and Benefit takes the time to really create attractive and high quality packaging.

POREfessional - Sample Value: $11.59
Total Moisture Facial Cream - Sample Value: $7.76
Benetint - Sample Value: $7.20
Dandelion Gloss - Sample Value: $7.80
Dandelion Powder - Sample Value: $15.43
Total Value = $49.78
What I paid - $13.56

Saturday, February 9, 2013

NOTD: Kozmic Colours - Mermaid

Hey ladies! First thing, I am sorry I've been away from blogging for so long. Since my last post I have gained quite a few more lovely followers and I want to say thank you so much for following my little beauty blog! I don't want to give excuses as to why I haven't posted in so long, but I promise that I am going to try really hard to post more often.

Today's nail of the day is actually from the Summer. I was going through old photos and figured it's about time I showed this manicure. This is another polish I picked up from Dollarama. I really like the Kozmic Colours polish line. These polishes stay on forever without chipping and the colour payoff is great! I have never had an issue with them staining my nails. Right now at Dollarama you can find single polishes and 4 packs of Kozmic Colours. I would definitely recommend these.

This is the colour Mermaid. It is a beautiful, bright, teal green/blue with a slight iridescent shimmer. But I find that you can only see the shimmer if the lighting is right. My camera couldn't pick it up unfortunately. It is fully opaque after two coats and as I remember it stayed on for about a week without chipping.