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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

NOTD: Halloween Orange Foil

After a very long weekend at work I didn't have much time or energy for a nail art Halloween manicure. I originally wanted to paint ghosts or pumpkins on my nails but, lack of sleep and laziness got the best of me. As I was going through my nail polish collection I found the perfect polish for Halloween. It is Tivoli Cosmetics Orange Foil polish. I found this polish in a 4 pack at Dollarama for $2 and picked it up on a whim cause the hoarder in me cant say no to nail polish.

I can't find anything about this brand online and the bottles didn't have names, so I named this one myself. Since it is an orange foil I named it Orange Foil. I don't think I would ever get a job as a nail polish name with that sense of creativity lol.
This polish had a horrible smell, way worse then even the worse smelling nail polish you have ever used. But it was opaque in one coat and went on streak free. In the bottle this colour was beautiful but on the nails it is stunning. It reminded me of the aluminum wrapping on those chocolate balls you can buy for Halloween, with the pumpkin faces on them. I did two coats of polish with 1 coat of Seche Vite and I am so happy with the results. To me this screams Halloween, but I can see myself wearing this all throughout the year.
 I am loving foil, chrome, and liquid metal polishes for Fall and this is just another one for the collection. A great buy for only $0.50! Ive been wearing it for 3 days now and I have minimal tip wear and no chipping. Great quality for a dollar store polish.

Monday, October 29, 2012

NOTD: Kozmic Colours "Worlds End"

This is another one of those Dollorama $1 polishes that I got as part of my Fall Haul. The first two I have shown already Outta Line and Shufflin' had amazing colour payoff, longevity, and formula. Worlds End is no different. This medium toned blue cream polish goes on so easily, with absolutely no streaking. You really only need one coat for it to be fully opaque, but I always do at least two coats when I do my manicures. The glossiness of this polish was really good even without a topcoat. I decided to use Seche Vite Topcoat.

The wear time of this polish was a little less than the others ones I've tried. I had some tip wear by day two, but there wasn't any major chipping. This has been one of my favourite blue polishes I've worn in awhile. It is definitely in my Top 5 favourite blue polishes. If you can get your hands on this polish from Dollarama, don't hesitate just buy, you wont be disappointed.

Friday, October 26, 2012

What's in my Overnight Bag??

I've seen many different variations of this post but thought while packing my overnight bag that I should do my first "What's in my bag?" post. I slept over at my boyfriends last night so I packed extremely light. Normally I would pack more but seeing as I was just 10 minutes away from home I didn't think I needed that much.

Here is everything that I had in my toiletry bag. When I travel I like to bring sample sizes of almost everything in order to use up my sample stash before they go bad.

Although this toiletry bag works well for small trips, when I go away for more then a couple days it just doesn't do. I found a great train case at Walmart, it's on my Christmas List so hopefully I get it.

  • Marcelle Essentials Makeup Remover
  • B.Kamins Lip Balm
  • Dove Cleartone Deodorant
  • Contact Solution
  • Contacts & Contact Case
  • Glasses
  • Mario Badescu Cucumber Cleansing Lotion
  • Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming Cleanser
  • Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum
  • Estee Lauder Perfectionist Wrinkle Lifting/Firming Serum
  • Cotton Rounds
  • CyberDerm H2O Hydration Face Cream
  • Mario Badescu Strawberry Face Scrub
  • Mario Badescu Special Mask for Oily Skin
  • La Fresh Waterproof Makeup Remover Wipe
  • Biore Pore Strip
  • Garnier Body Shea Body Lotion
  • Free Your Mane Shampoo & Conditioner
  • All over eyeshadow brush
  • Definer eyeshadow brush
  • Blending crease brush
  • Powder brush
  • Blush brush
  • Foundation brush
  •  MAC Concealer (depotted)
  • Garnier Anti-Dark Circle Roller w/Concealer
  • PUR 4-in-1 Mineral Makeup in Light
  • Revlon Colorstay Blush in Roseberry
  • Caryl Baker Visage Mineral Eyeshadow in Pillow
  • Laura Mercier Eyeshadow in Sandstone
  • MAC Painterly Paint Pot
  • Essence Quattro Eyeshadow
  • Annabelle Kohl Eyeliner in Black
  • L'Oreal Linear Intense Liquid Eyeliner
  • Annabelle Le BIG Show Mascara

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

NOTD: Butter London Fairy Lights

In my Fall Haul I showed some Butter London polishes that I bought using my points on the Glymm website. I ended up getting 3 polishes for only $7.00 which is a steal because they each go for $17-$18. I always see these on sale in The Bay, but their price tag always has me walking away empty handed.

Fairy Lights was part of the Christmas Collection last year I believe, and is a light pink metallic polish. Or maybe it is considered a chrome?? I never know the difference when I am trying to describe polishes on here. The Butter London website describes this polish as:

Be a beacon to bad boys and the life of the party in dazzling limited edition “liquid metal” rose pink.
Swatches that I saw online I liked a lot more than how this polish looks on my nails. I used two coats for this mani but next time I may try three coats and see if I like it more. Overall I am impressed with the quality of this polish, its colour payoff and lasting power are worth the price.

Monday, October 22, 2012

NOTD: Cynthia Rowley Firework Nails

Lately, it seems that every time I go to Winners I am seeing something from Cynthia Rowley, especially in the Beauty Department. A while ago I picked up a glitter nail polish duo from her line and used one to create a firework type design. Her polishes don't come with names on the bottles and I couldn't find them online so I gave this one my own name.

I decided to use Sally Hansen's Black Out polish as a base for the night sky and the Cynthia Rowley multi-coloured glitter polish to create the fireworks. This polish is a clear base glitter polish with red, blue, pink, green, gold, and silver glitter. It isn't opaque enough to be used by itself but as a top coat it is beautiful.

I used two coats of black and one coat of glitter for this look and was very happy with the outcome. It lasted a fairly long time and even after removing the polish I had to pick a lot of the glitter off because it just didn't want to budge. If you have a Winners near you check out these polishes they are definitely worth the money.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Surprise! October Glymm Bag Review!

So I didn't expect to be writing this review this month. I was told that my 1 year subscription was finished in September, but behold it was actually finished this month. I am really glad that I received this bag as I love the actual bag itself but also Glymm really stepped it up and sent some great samples and sample sizes.

Even though this months box was really good I decided to stay unsubscribed from Glymm at this time. I am swimming in samples right now so I need a break from sample boxes for at least a few months. Once my stash of samples are gone I will probably sign up for boxes again. Now onto what is in this months bag!

Because October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month Glymm sent out a pink quilted makeup bag that matches the style of bags we have been receiving for the past two months. They also sent a pink ribbon pin which will look great on my new black winter coat. October also saw the return of the PRODUCT CARD! I was so happy when I saw this. I guess they will be having the card online and included in the bag from now on, and they encourage you to recycle it when you are finished.

 Baby Buttercreme

Sample Size - 2 oz/$9
Full Size - 59mL/$9, 237mL/$32, 473mL/$58
Usage - Up to 5 uses
This daily maintenance hydration creme softens like no other and banishes dry hair while adding a plump sheen.
My Thoughts - At first I thought this was a skin moisturizer, but after some investigation found that it is a moisturizer for your hair. I have kinda straight, kinda wavy, semi-dry hair so I think that this may be of some use to me. Because of its thick texture I don't think I will need much at all so it will probably last a lot longer then 5 uses. This also smells absolutely amazing!

Johnson's Baby Oil

Sample Size - 88mL/$1
Usage - Up to 6 months

Introducing Glymm Mama! While waiting for the special edition box, this Johnson & Johnson baby oil is perfect for taking off your makeup - it even removes that mascara that you're about to try. It's also ideal for shaving, resulting in silky smooth legs. Get mega moisture from this multi-purpose tried and true remedy.

My Thoughts - This was an extra product this month so Glymm did not include the full size and value on the card. I guess they just added this product to promote their new box for moms and moms-to-be. You can buy this size at Dollarama for $1 so that's the value I gave it. My skin has been really dry lately so I cant wait to try this out.

H2O Hydration

Sample Size - 10mL/$12
Full Size - 50mL/$60
Usage - Up to 10 uses
This moisturizer will show your skin a good time. With more benefits than you can count, you can be sure to see some drastic results.
My Thoughts - I am so so so excited to get another sample of this cream. I have been using the precious sample we received and I love it! It makes my skin feel amazing. I would totally buy the full size if it wasn't $60. This cream doesn't have a smell which is nice and leaves my skin supple, and moisturized without being greasy.

Every Morning Sun Whip

Sample Size - 10mL/$7.60
Full Size - 50mL/$38
Usage - Up to 2 uses
Protect your delicate skin from harmful rays all year round with this daily sunscreen.
My Thoughts - I know it's bad but I don't use sunscreen on a daily basis because I have yet to find one that doesn't leave my skin oily. This seems really light and fragrance free so I am glad to get a sample to try.

 Lightening Lash Mascara

Sample Size - 1 tube/$14
Full Size - 1 tube/$14
Usage - Up to 6 months
Get noticed with superstar lashes. Lengthen, amplify and bring each lash back to life.
My Thoughts - I have never heard of Femme Couture but this looks like a pretty good mascara. I really like the wand and actually needed a new mascara so this came at the perfect time!

Lash Card

Sample Size - 2 cards/$1.40
Full Size - 10 cards/$6.99
Usage - Up to 4 uses
Say bye-bye to clumpy and smudged mascara. This card will save you time and make your lashes lovably flawless.
My Thoughts - So this isn't something I would normally buy. You can just put a credit card or business card there to avoid smudges. I might give these away because I cant see myself using them.

Overall Value - $45 (roughly)

Friday, October 19, 2012

NOTD: Outta Line

The second Kozmic Colours Nail Polish I tried from the Dollarama was Outta Line a deep raspberry creme. This polish is seriously amazing. It is already in my top 5 favourite polishes for Fall, and probably my top 10 favourite polishes ever! It goes on wonderfully and the colour looks beautiful.

I don't think that these pictures will do this polish justice. In the bottle it looks like, more of a fuscia colour. But on the nail after two medium coats it looks quite darker. I got so many compliments when I wore this polish and nobody could believe that I had bought it at the dollar store. Sally Hansen Complete Manicure has a shade just like this, which I also saw at the Dollarama.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

NOTD: Shufflin'

In my Fall Haul I showed a picture of some Dollarama polishes I had picked up. They were $1 a piece so I picked up all 7, but I didn't have very high hopes for them; because they are an unknown dollar store brand. I've used a couple of the colours so far and I have to say I am extremely impressed! They go on smoothly and only require one or two coats. They have great colour payoff that matches how it looks in the bottle. I would recommend that if you see these in your Dollarama then pick some up you wont be disappointed.

The first one I tried was Shufflin' a light grass green with duo-chrome qualities. Sometimes this polish looks green and other times it looks yellow-ish. There was a tiny bit of streaking with this polish, however, after putting multiple coats on the nail and a top coat it no longer looked streaky. This polish was also a little sheer so it took three thin to medium coats to be opaque. It lasted over a week with out chipping. I did get some minor tip wear but that naturally happens when you type everyday at your job. Even though this is a summery colour I can see myself wearing this throughout Fall.

Friday, October 12, 2012

P&G BrandSampler Summer 2012

Here is my post on the second BrandSampler Box that I received. It was the Summer 2012 box and was packed full of great products to try. Some things that I love about getting these Sample Boxes is that:
  1. They are FREE!
  2. I get products that my whole family can use.
  3. Did I mention they are FREE!

If you are interested in signing up for the next BrandSampler Box then "Like" the P&G everyday Canada Facebook page to get updates on when the next one is available.

  1. Febreze Set & Refresh Starter Kit
  2. Pantene Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo
  3. Pantene Daily Moisture Renewal Conditioner
  4. Tide Pods
  5. Bounty Paper Towels
  6. Dawn Liquid Dish Soap
  7. Cascade All-in-1 Action Pacs
  8. Scope Dual Action Mouth Wash
  9. Crest 3D White Whitestrips
  10. Downy UnStoppables Scent Booster
  11. IAMS $5.00 coupon
Also, after being in contact with Gwen on the P&G Facebook page, giving feedback about the sample selection process she kindly offered to send me a Venus Razor because I was not selected for this sample and it was the one I was looking forward too.

To my surprise when it came in the mail she had sent not 1 but 2 razors and a hand-written note! Thanks Gwen!

Friday, October 5, 2012

September Empties

September was a good month. I finished so many products and samples, and have to say I am very proud of myself. Slowly but surely I will be working through my hoard of beauty samples.
  •  Sebastian Volupt Shampoo - I got this is my first GlossyBox. This was just an okay shampoo though. I felt like it left my hair dry and tangled. I got no volume from this shampoo and it smelt absolutely gross. The smell also lingered in my hair so I found I had to spritz some perfume in my hair or put in some other scented hair product to cover it up. Repurchase = NO.
  • CO Bigelow Lemon Cream Body Wash - I picked this up on a whim during the last Bath & Body Works Sale. This is super moisturizing and my skin felt so hydrated after using it. I liked the lemon scent at first but after a while I didn't like smelling like a lemon  Repurchase = NO
  • Clean & Clear Deep Cleaning Astringent - I found this very drying on my skin and it smelt like nail polish remover. Repurchase = NO.
  •  NYC Lip Stain - The name of the color rubbed off so I don't know what it is, but I really liked this colour. It is a very soft, natural, light pink that is great for everyday wear. This stain wasn't overly drying, but I found myself reaching for a gloss or balm soon after applying. Repurchase = YES
  • Smashbox Mini Lip Gloss in After Glow - I got this sample in one of my first Luxe Boxes. I loved everything about this gloss. It went on smooth and wasn't sticky at all. It isn't empty but I'm pretty sure it has gone bad cause it is starting to smell horrible. Repurchase = YES
  • MAC Select Cover Up Concealer - Loved this! Hands down one of the best concealers I have ever used. Great coverage, isn't too heavy, and doesn't crease. Repurchase = YES
  • Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes - I cant remember which subscription box I got these in but I am not a huge fan of them. They removed makeup like a dream but they were extremely oily and left a gross residue on my face. Repurchase = NO
  •  Clinique Moisture Surge Sample - This is so hydrating. My skin in the summer is too oily for a moisturizer like this but as winter comes full force I can see myself needing a cream like this.
  • Biotherm Aquasource Nuit Sample- This gel moisturizer was amazing. I am probably going to splurge and pick this up for winter season. After using this my skin felt so nice the next morning and it did not cause any extra oiliness.
  • Annabelle BB Cream Sample - I liked this alot more than the Garnier BB Cream but I still have a love/hate relationship with BB. I don't like the thick consistency and like a product that feels lighter on the skin.
  • Nivea Pure & Natural Day Cream Sample- This was really heavy, the scent was not something I liked, and I don't like creams that leave a residue.
  • La Fresh Nail Polish Remover Wipe - I don't like these. They don't work and are oily.
  • Nivea Day Care Cream - I cant really remember when I used this. So I cant really give much thoughts on it.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall Haul: Candles, Nail Polish & Shampoo Galore!

Even though I keep saying I am going on a no-buy and I need to save money I kinda splurged and got a bunch of stuff, but I also got everything on sale so the buyers remorse was minimized.
My first purchase was from the Glymm website so that I could use up 500 points that I accumulated. I decided that I really wanted to try some of the Butter London Polishes and spent hours looking up swatches and deciding on the three that I was going to purchase. I wanted Fairy Lights, Knees Up, and Rosie Lee. After almost a month of waiting for my purchase and going back and forth with Glymm Customer support team I got my purchase, but got Tart with a Heart instead of Rosie Lee. 
They offered to send me the correct polish if I sent the wrong one back but I was tired of having to deal with Glymm so I just kept the wrong polish. For having to wait they sent me a foundation paper sample and a free principessa lip balm. With my points and free shipping this purchase only cost me $7.00.
 Next stop was the Dollarama to stalk the hair and makeup isle for new deals. Lately, I have been seeing some great brands for cheap at the Dollarama, so I try and go once a week to look for steals. On this trip I got:
  1. Aussie Styling Smooth Leave in Conditioner and Heat Protectant. I was so excited to see this because I had been looking for a leave in conditioner for a while. I thought $3 was great for this because it is almost twice that at Walmart.
  2. PUR(e) Makeup Remover. I picked this up on a whim because it was only $2 and I wanted a back up for when my Marcelle one is finished. However, when I got home and smelt the product it kinda smells like nail polish remover so I am wary to put this on my face.
  3. Almay Mascara. The concept of this mascara really intrigues me. You can pick the intensity of your lashes by adjusting the dial on the tube.
  4. ELF Blending Brush. This is a staple in my brush collection now and I use it almost everyday.
I picked up two more Revlon Polishes. A dirty lilac grey colour and a deep purple that looks black in some lights but also looks blue in others. I love that I find Revlon for half the price.
I also picked up the Wet & Wild Top Coat. I haven't tried this yet but I have high hopes.
They also had these Color Shock Kozmic Colours Nail polishes for only $1 so I picked up all 8 colours that were available. I have tried two of these so far and the colour payoff is amazing, it lasts forever without chipping and they are absolutely gorgeous.
 I feel like no Beauty Blogger's Fall Haul is complete without a Bath and Body Works Candle Haul. I picked up a few of the mini candles in:
  • Farmstand Apple
  • Pumpkin Caramel Latte
  • Creamy Pumpkin, &
  • Leaves!
The minis are 2 for $5 and last for a decent amount of time. I like buying these because they are a great way to try out scents without the commitment of a three-wick candle. This is totally cliche, but I LOVE LEAVES!! So good, and my favourite Fall scent by far!
 I also picked up two 3-wick candles when there were on sale for 2 for $25. I got Farmstand Apple and Frosted Cupcake. One for the fall season and winter season. I am going to buy some Leaves in this size once my store gets more in stock.
 Next I hauled A LOT of shampoo. At Walmart I found Herbal Essences 2-in-1 Bye Bye Breakage Shampoo on sale for $1 so picked up three.
At Shoppers Drug Mart I got these Garnier Fructis Shampoo and Conditioner combo packs on sale for only $2.72. These packs come with a 700mL shampoo and a 350mL conditioner.
At Dollarama I picked up the Nivea Apricot Body Wash for only $2. It smells amazing! Exactly like a fresh apricot. I am so excited to try this.
And lastly, I got this adorable owl candle holder for my mini candles. This little guy is only $6 at Bath and Body Works and I love him!
What have you hauled for Fall??