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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dollarama Beauty Finds!

Hey girls I'm here today to show you some of the awesome beauty products I have been seeing at Dollarama over the last month. It seems that more and more name brand products are turning up at Dollarama for prices that cannot be beat.

Keep in mind that all Dollarama's receive different products, so yours may not have the same brands as mine.

In my last haul post I showed that I bought some Revlon and L'Oreal palettes and Kozmic Colours nail polishes. What have you been finding out your local Dollarama??
A battery operated nail dryer. I thought this compact fan was so cute, but because I use Seche Vite I didn't feel like I needed this.

So far every Dollarama in my city I've been too has an assortment of these Revlon Nail Strips.

I've now seen the complete line of Revlon's Shatter Nail Polishes at various stores. I'm wondering why such a new product has already found its way here.

Lots and lots of Wet n Wild and Kozmic Colours single polishes.

Wet n Wild Lipsticks. They only had this one colour though.

I've seen reviews of this product on a few beauty blogs I follow. A five pack was on sale for only $1! I didn't pick it up, but I'm thinking I should have.

Seeing this product kind of made me laugh. People have been joking and saying that Glossybox should be sponsored by Dollarama because of all the discontinued/older collection products they have been sending out. Maybe they have been sponsored by Dollarama all this time cause I found full size Wella hair products in a few of my city's stores!

I was surprised to see a Hard Candy product at Dollarama. Maybe all the products they are discontinuing this year will end up here. It would be cool to get some Hard Candy Boxed Powders at a discounted price.


  1. dollarama sounds amazing! We have Poundland here where you can find the odd makeup item but nowhere near as much as this x

    1. Hey Stacey thanks for commenting! It has only been within the past year that I've been seeing so many great brands. Before that it was really hit or miss

  2. I'm quite surprised at all the neat things popping up at Dollarama these days. I've even seen a lot of e.l.f products as well. I even bought my eyelash curler there! Hopefully they continue to bring in more stuff ;D

  3. Wella @ Dollarama! Who would have thunk it!
    I picked up some of those nail strips from my local dollarama, I also have been seeing a lot of Sally Hansen products at my local stores

  4. woaaaaah algemarin AND wella ?! that is one killer Dollarama!!
    did we get Algemarin in a Glossybox too?

  5. I checked out my dollarama for deals like these. I wasn't as successful in finding great products. One odd coloured WnW nailpolish and some sally hansen strengtheners. ;(

  6. What dollarama are you shopping at girl? The one on Dougall?
    I can never find any of these products at the one I usually shop at.. and thats the one on Walker!


  7. thanks for taking pix to share with us!! i am going to check out my local dollarama this weekend! :)

  8. I always feel a little weird when things aren't $1 at a dollar store. I had no idea that that's where old beauty box things went!

  9. You found some great stuff!!! I'm going to have a look maybe on the weekend! I actually really like the algemarin stuff so I will be happy to find... totally LOLing at the Wella stuff!

  10. I found st. Ives face products (gentle apricot scrub and green tea cleanser) and the revlon break up polish and strips as well. I also bought John Freida Brilliant Brunette Volumising shampoo for $2.50! I went to Rexall after buying it at dollarama just to see the price difference and rexall was selling the moisturizing version for over 12 dollars. Ridiculous how much the prices vary!

  11. There is lots of OPI and Nicole by OPI popping up in the store nearby! My collectoin is getting quite big ;)