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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

NOTD: Essence A Lovely Secret

This is the most frustrating polish I have probably ever used! When I saw it in the store it looked simple, like a bright but muted lilac purple. But when I picked up the bottle and took a closer look I realized that there was very fine purple micro glitter. I was so excited because I have really been on a glitter kick lately, but to my disappointment on the nails the glitter seems to disappear.
It looks like a light purple base with a darker purple grainy texture, but the polish dries completely smooth.I really wish that the glitter in this polish stayed visible and glittery because it would have looked so pretty in the light. Oh well, it is still a gorgeous polish and for only $1.20 its a steal!
A few of my local Shoppers Drug Marts have been getting the new bigger bottles of Essence polishes and I've seen some new colours, but this colour is still available for purchase. The bigger bottles still have the same $1.99 price tag as the smaller bottles so it is even more of a steal now!
Whats your favourite Essence polish?



  1. Haven't tried them myself but I actually got this same one for a friend:)

  2. Oh, WOW, that color is lovely!

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