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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

NOTD: My First Finished Polish

The day has finally come, one that I never thought would. I finally finished an entire nail polish and it only took me 3 years...I think. I bought this NYC polish forever ago and have used it a half dozen times, maybe more. I pulled it out the other day because I wanted a glitter nail and saw that there was barely any polish left.

From sitting for so long this polish had gotten super thick and it was really hard to paint two coats on my nails and get it even. The layers were really thick and took forever to dry even with a Seche Vite Top Coat. Days later it felt like the polish was still tacky and when I went to remove it it was still rubbery and somewhat wet.

There was probably 1 manicure left in the bottle but the brush wouldn't reach the bottom so it got tossed in the trash. I cannot believe that I actually finished a whole full size polish! I have so many different colours that I thought it would never happen.
I would probably repurchase this polish if they still make it because I like the color but it is so hard to get off the nails because it is so packed with glitter.

Have you ladies ever finished a polish entirely before??


  1. That's a feat for sure! Great job! That polish looks really pretty too.
    A Brunette Duet

    1. This colour was a beautiful neutral champagne but in other lights looked rose gold. So pretty!

    2. This colour was beautiful! It turned out like a neutral champagne colour but in other lights it looked rose goldish. So pretty!

  2. Oh God, I would never be able to finish a nail polish! Maybe a mini, but not likely Good for you!