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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Surprise Samples - John Frieda Elite Club

So last week when I went to the mailbox, something so mundane and routine, I was surprised to see a small black box in my mailbox from John Frieda. Now I sign up for a lot of samples, but I have never signed up for anything from John Frieda, just a newsletter for their Elite Club.

This little package of samples made my day and was like an early birthday present. I just wanted to share this with the wonderful ladies who read my blog, so they could sign up for the John Frieda Elite Club and maybe get some samples as well.

Follow the link below to sign up for FREE and start receiving the perks of being part of the Elite Club.

The perks you will be signing up for are:

1. Salon secrets, styling tips and personally tailored advice from our world renowned and critically acclaimed celebrity stylists
2. Access to members-only content and the opportunity to take part in exclusive contests and events
3. Being the first to learn about new and exciting John Frieda® hair care innovations
4. Receiving special offers on John Frieda® products

These are the samples I was sent. They were hand-picked for me based on the Hair Survey I filled out when I signed up. I cannot wait to try these products out and hopefully do a review if they work for me. Thanks John Frieda!

Disclaimer: I received these samples because I am part of the John Frieda Elite Club. I am not being sponsored or compensated by John Frieda for this blog post. I just wanted to share this way to possibly get samples of hair products. Just because I received samples does not mean that everyone does or will.


  1. I recently signed up for this and I was actually surprised at the nice samples I received!

  2. Thanks for sharing this!!! I filled it out! I'd love to try some of their stuff so I hope to get some samples! I love that shade of red they have when you click the link...I want to try a bold red, but I'm scared!! Plus, it's a ton of upkeep to keep it looking bright!

  3. What a great surprise! Samples have really made me love the postal service so much more!

  4. Wow! Awesome samples! I must be sign up this this!


  5. I signed up a few months ago and have gotten mini spray bottle samples of '3 Days Straight' and 'Go Blonder'. Great stuff!