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Thursday, July 5, 2012

June 2012 GlossyBox

So this post is a little late and it's not because I've been lazy like last month, it's because I just received my GlossyBox today! I definitely think that this box was worth the wait though. I was hearing and seeing a lot of comments on the GlossyBox.ca Facebook Page about it being a "drugstore box" and people were not happy about it. I on the other hand am really excited to get these products and try them out. This month there are a lot of full size products of things I can actually afford to buy if I like them.
The thing I don't like about Glymm is that the samples are super tiny and of products that are way out of my price range. If I end up liking them I can never have the full size because of the price. The products in GlossyBox are more drugstore, but if I like them it won't break the bank to buy the full size, and I would rather get a large or full size sample of something drugstore then a one time sample of some unknown super high end brand.
If you are looking for a sample box that delivers deluxe and full size samples every month no matter the brand then definitely checkout GlossyBox, you wont be disappointed.

Biore Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser
Sample Value: 200mL/$9.99
Full Size: 200mL/$9.99
On the Card: Have skin that can't make up its mind? Achieve the clean you want, without disturbing natural moisture your skin needs - more balanced skin in just 2 weeks!
My Thoughts: Ever since I got a free 7mL sample from the Biore Facebook page I have been wanting to buy the full size of this cleanser but could never justify it because I have so many cleansers at home already. Now I get to and I'm very excited.

Wella Professionals Ocean Spritz
Sample Value: 150mL/$16.99
Full Size: 150mL/$16.99
On the Card: Free your hair with irresistible chunky texture achieving that matte, carefree, beachy hair look.
My Thoughts: I am so excited to see this product! Not only is it a full size higher-end product, but I was actually just looking at some texture sprays the other day.

Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex
Sample Value: 7mL/$4.34
Full Size: 50mL/$30.99
On the Card: Advanced micro-fillers instantly smooth the look of fine lines. The anti-aging formula, with a Bio Peptide and B3 complex hydrates and improves the appearance of deep lines in just 14 days!
My Thoughts: I was seeing a lot of girls getting samples of this in their Luxe Boxes. I don't have a need for this so it is either going to go in my giveaway bin or I'm going to give it to my mom.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen Lotion SPF 55
Sample Value: 14mL/$2.54
Full Size: 88mL/$15.99
On the Card: Ultra-light and fast absorbing, and voted #1 best-feeling sunscreen by Canadian Dermatologists. Contains HELIOPLEX which provides photostable UVA/UBV protection.
My Thoughts: I got this exact sample for free in my Neutrogena 60th Anniversary Sample Box. Although you can never have too much of a good sunscreen, I didn't really like that in a box I paid for I got a sample that I got for free from a company's website.

Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips
Sample Value: 1/$1.25
Full Size: 8ct/$9.99
On the Card: Pore Strips are the deepest way to clean your pores. In just one use, you remove a week's worth of built up dirt - and it only takes 10 minutes (isn't that great?)
My Thoughts: I already use these so it was nice to get another one.

Cover Girl Flipstick - Blendable Lip Duo
Sample Value: 3.8gr/$12.50
Full Size: 3.8gr/$12.50
On the Card: NEW! This Double ended lip color stick has a side for shimmer, and a side for colour. Blend shades together to create endless lip looks.
My Thoughts: I have seen these on TV and in stores for a while now. I have always been interested in purchasing one so it was nice to see one in this month's box. I am so glad that I got the Whisper colour. Two nice pink colours instead of the brown and gold that a lot of girls received this month.
Gillette Venus Embrace Razor
Sample Value: 1 kit/$13.43
Full Size: 1 kit/$13.43
On the Card: Get ready for the shave fit for a goddess. Our first women's razor created with 5 blades hugs every curve to get virtually every hair even bikini hair. An ultra-close shave and incredible Venus smoothness.
My Thoughts: I forgot to take a picture of the one I received. I love getting razors in these boxes because razors are so expensive! Maybe next month they can put some cartridges in the box for us cause those are really expensive as well.

Value of June Box: $61.04

Overall, I am extremely happy with this month's box. I will use almost everything in this box and I am excited to find some new favourites. I still recommend that everyone try this box for at least one month because you wont be disappointed.


  1. you got the better colour of flipstick! glad for you- I have no idea what to do with mine.

    1. I know I'm really glad I got the pink one. I wouldn't know what to do with the brown and gold either. Such a weird and unflattering combo.

  2. I love getting glossybox as well!!! I actually posted on their fb page about that..and some ignorant person made a remark that I either work for Glossy or am sponsored by them..ugh whatever! I love what I get for $15! I got that pretty lipstick too..I haven't opened mine yet..but I can see I'll really like it!! :)

    1. Of all the boxes I've received GlossyBox is ands down my favourite. They are always giving out good samples every month! Don't let ignorant people get you down. Since the beauty community has become so popular you can't give an honest positive review anymore without someone accusing you of being sponsored.

    2. Yes, you make a good point! Not everyone is going to agree with your feedback. But, if mine's not the same as yours doesn't mean I'm payed to say it..gah!

  3. So jealous of your shade of lipstick! Why couldn't we all get that instead of the ugly coppery one!

    Samantha (Nail Art Couture)
    Drop by and Enter my Julep Intro Box Giveaway

  4. Yes you are super lucky to have recieved that lip color! Beautiful! Luckily in a weird kinda neat way the brown lipstick suits me! Although it is WAY outta my comfort zone!! .. I found a way to make it work for me.

    romanianbutterfly206.blogspot.ca come check out my blog if u have some time!!

    Ashley xox

  5. I want THAT colour flipstick! I tried wearing the copper/brown colour the idea and my fiance got scared when I came out of the bathroom, so I don't think it's going to work for me at all!

  6. I'm so jealous that you got that Flipstick! I got yucky Minx, it's awful! Mine box was really late too (in Ont. too), looks like this month's box is going to be about the same! :(