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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Beauty Finds @ Winners!

Since I have quit my job I haven't really went into Winners because I am always so tempted to buy stuff and always leave with something new. I stopped at the Winners on Walker Road today in Windsor and saw that they have totally revamped their beauty area. New shelves and set ups and lots of new products I haven't seen there before. I didn't buy anything but I took a few pictures of things that really intrigued me.

I would have taken more pictures, but the Sales woman was starting to look at me weird, and I didn't really want to have to explain again that I write a beauty blog and was actually doing research and not trying to steal anything from her store.

Because all Winners get different products and stock you may or may not find these at your stores but it is worth a pop in to see.

What's the best thing or deal you have ever found at Winners?

I almost bought this because I have heard so much hype about this brand but upon opening it I was very underwhelmed by this all black liner set. The packaging was not very sturdy and when you opened it no matter how much you tried not to, you got black on your fingers.
I've seen lots of Cargo product at Winners over the past few months but I've never bought anything.
Tons of nail polish at this Winners! This is the wall that always draws me in and tempts me to buy something. They had a Spiderman and Minnie Mouse mini nail polish set. Lots of Colour Club Duos and an assortment of other polishes. This is my heaven.
If I was going to buy anything at Winners today it would be this! It was a complete Face Cleansing Regimen from Korres and it looked really interesting. It was only $16.99, originally $40. If I had a job this would have totally come home with me.
Complete line of Cynthia Rowley skincare.


  1. I always get weird looks when the sales associates are around haha! I have seen some great things at winners as well, but they are always so ruined:(

  2. wow that is a nice looking winners! my cosmetic section is always so picked over and gross at the one by my house.

  3. I had about $150 in my hands a couple weeks ago of stila, cargo, that first brand you pointed out (there was something with a ninja star? and other items) those lip tattoos; strictly to review!! lol and nail polish! I put it all back and told myself, I'm on a budget!!! I still regret it! lol.

    In any case, your Winners looks nice and tidy. Everything we have has fingers poked into it, smashed, damaged. Like an animal was let loose. However, the day I was there, they were totally revamping the beauty section, so we'll see what happens.

    1. I always do that when I go to Winners! Fill a basket of stuff for review purposes only. Blogging really hurts my bank account sometimes!

    2. I do that too...but don't tell my husband ;)

  4. I wonder if my Winners has the Korres set? I quite like their Pomegranate line. And yes, your Winners looks very neat!

  5. haha It's soo weird to see this because its the Winners that I usually go to!
    You should check out Home Sence for hair care products.. sometimes they have really cool stuff!