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Friday, May 25, 2012

May Glymm Bag!

If you have read my past Glymm Box reviews you will know that I have not been very impressed with Glymm lately. Their boxes have gotten worse every month and the products haven't been very high-end like they promise. Well, a few weeks ago Glymm put out a teaser picture of Glymm Nylon and it showed a very pretty hot pink bag, they also upped their price to $12/month. My initial thought was that the bag was going to be a one time special thing that you could order on top of your monthly box and I thought that $12 was way to much money for the products we were receiving.

Well when I got my Glymm Bag in the mail this month I was very happy with the changes that Glymm has made. The hot pink makeup bag is perfect for in my purse or to use as a holder for my GPS. I'm not sure how I will like getting a bag every month but we will see how long this lasts. I also received notice that the price will not go up for me as long as I keep my account active.

I hope that Glymm keeps up with sending the same good samples and brands, cause I would definitely be more inclined to stay subscribed if they do.

This bag is such a gorgeous colour and so cute and minimalist. Love it! The plastic lined interior is great because it can be cleaned so easily.

Crushed Cabernet Scrub
Full Size - 150g/$29
Sample Size - 60g/$11.60
Sample Usage - Up to 3 uses

This natural, wine-inspired body scrub reveals softer and healthier skin.

How It Works - Use this strong scrub to smooth away imperfections. Along with its coarse granules it also contains the 6 draining and cellulite-fighting organic essential oils of the Contouring Concentrate - so boost your slimming regimen! Use once per week to keep your skin feeling its best.

My Thoughts - Now this is a sample! I am going to have enough of this to know whether I like it or not. The smell I'm not crazy about, but if it works I can get over the smell. Although it is very scrubby it is also very moisturizing which I like because I have dry skin on my body. The jar is so cute, I am definitely going to find something to use it for once it is empty.

Lip Treats
Full Size - Pack of 2/$28
Sample Size - 1 for $14
Sample Usage - Up to 3 months

Delight your lips with moisture and a punch of desired color with this new and innovative Lip Treat.

How It Works - This exceptionally moisturizing and soothing lip balm not only tints your lips but can also be layered to give them more intense color. What's more? It doubles as a primer for gloss. It will enhance shine and keep your gloss in place longer. Apply product directly to lips, and reapply until you reach desired color.

My Thoughts - I really don't need anymore lip products as I am trying to use up a bunch right now but I will definitely keep this until I need a new lip product. This color is a really nice pink and goes on very smoothly. It smells very good, it has a fruity smell. Another great product Glymm!

CK Shock for Her & Him
Full Size - 50ml/$45
Sample Size - 2 @ $1.08 = $2.16
Sample Usage - 35 sprays each

My Thoughts - I was actually glad to get these perfume samples. I love that they have a spritzer for easy application and the size of the samples are good as well. There was so much information on the card about these perfumes that I couldn't put it all on here. I really like how Glymm put all the scent notes on the card so that people like me who have trouble describing scents can describe it to someone else. I really like the CK for Her, and am considering buying a roller ball or the smallest size, but the CK for Him does nothing for me.

HydroPunch Hydrating Conditioner
Full Size - 250 ml/$24.99
Sample Size - 20ml/$2
Sample Usage - Up to 4 uses

Turn dull and damaged hair into vibrant, healthy strands that you cant help but twirl all day long.

How It Works - A punch never sounded so appealing. This conditioner is packed with Argan oil, fatty acids, Vitamin E and powerful antioxidants. Massage into clean, wet hair from the scalp to the hair ends. rinse thoroughly with clean water.

My Thoughts - This hair care sample is way better then the little 1 use packets we got last month. Being able to use this a few times will allow me to determine if it is worth buying. I hate the smell of this product and my hair is very finicky with products that have oils in them so once I try this out I will be able to give an honest review.

2 mini extra samples of Caudalie moisturizing products. I like getting these little extra products instead of candy each month. I feel like I am getting more for my money. I am going to transfer these to little sample containers because I feel like I am going to be able to use these more then 1 time.

Mineral Matte Cucumber Face Sunscreen
Full Size - 50ml/$36
Sample Size - 5ml/$3.60
Sample Usage - Up to 4 uses

Protect your face from UV rays with this hydrating, refreshing sunblock. Coola donates a portion of sales to cancer research.

How It Works - It's infused with certified organic ingredients like vitamins, antioxidants, Shea Butter and Borage Seed Oil. Apply evenly over face in upward strokes. You'll have SPF protection immediately after application. The Canadian Cancer Society recommends applying sunscreen at least 20 minutes before sun exposure.

My Thoughts - Not the biggest sample but I am looking for a face sunscreen so maybe I will like this one. I am hoping that this wont make my face more oily then it already is.

Overall Value of the May Glymm Bag - $33.36

I was really impressed with this month's bag and the size of the samples inside. I also liked the variety of samples that I received. If Glymm continues in this direction I can only assume more good things from them and I will stay subscribed


  1. ooh you got the scrub! very nice. I think that would be my favourite pick out of this 'box'.

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    1. I'm very excited about the scrub but I wish I had gotten the bigger sample of the serum. I entered your giveaway!!

  2. I wanted that scrub so badly!

    1. I kinda wanted the scrub just because it is a big sample, but I really dont like the smell. I wanted the big sample of eye and lip serum but I just got the little 1ml sample of that.

    2. Thanks for explaining GoodReads for me! It sounds like something I would definitely be interested in. I am liking Discovery of Witches so far but I have 350 pages to go so I've got a lot left to like or dislike.

  3. This month was pretty good!!! But, I noticed mine was a little sadder than some others I've seen out there! I like the bag.