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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

December Glymm Box

This month's Glymm Box was one I had extremely high anticipation for. I definitely thought that this month's box was going to be amazing! I ended up being very disappointed in this box though. One of the samples was so tiny I barely got enough to try it once and although a $10 coupon for the Glymm site is really generous, after looking at everything they have to offer there really is nothing I want from the site or anything that is worth the price Glymm is selling it for. I still have 9 months left in my 1 year subscription so they have some time to redeem themselves, but had this been my last month I don't think that this box would have convinced me to re-purchase.

 This review is going up a little later than usual after I received my box but I wanted to try out some of the products first so that my thoughts on them were more than just a first impression.
Enough with the rambling though, here are products that I received in this month's.

Caudalie/Vinoperfect Enzymatic Peel Mask

 Full Size Value - 40mL/$40
Sample Value – 3mL/$3
On the Card - Treat yourself to the ultimate spa experience this holiday season with Caudalie's peel mask. This innovative formula is enriched with revitalizing grape acid and antioxidant-rich grape seed oils which work together to gently dissolve dead skin cells and reveal a perfectly nourished, balanced and luminous skin complexion.
My Thoughts - This sample is crazy small!!!!! I haven't used it yet but I’m pretty sure that it won’t be enough to even use on my whole face once. As a company that prides itself on giving deluxe samples to its customers I really feel that this sample fell short.

AHAVA/Mineral Hand Cream

 Full Size Value - 3.4 oz/$20
Sample Value – 0.68 oz/$4
On the Card - AHAVA lightweight lotion goes to work the minute you apply it, with powerful bend of ingredients to treat hand dryness and dermatitis. Its rich, nourishing Dead Sea minerals hydrate and restore moisture to even the most rough and scaly skin. The hazel extracts soothe and soften dry skin, without making it feel greasy.
My Thoughts - The size of this sample is much bigger compared to the last and the formula is very nice. It wasn't greasy at all and really made my hands feel soft. However, the smell of this hand cream I am not a fan of at all.

Yves Saint Laurent/La Parisienne

 Full Size Value – 3 oz/$85

Sample Value – 0.25 oz/$7.08
On the Card – Once upon a time there was PARISIENNE, who lived and loved in the moment – the portrait of a woman incredibly free. Parisienne is a floral, feminine yet sensual fragrance which will leave a trace of mystery everywhere you go. This luxurious scent wraps ups up a woman’s body and stays with her all day long. Scandalous, some say?
My Thoughts – Besides Marc Jacobs Daisy I have never smelt a perfume I liked as much as this one. This perfume is the perfect mix of feminine and sexy. This is definitely the next full size perfume I am buying once I use up a few of the perfumes I already own. Thank you Glymm for helping me find my new favorite fragrance!

Sula Beauty/Natural Lip Gloss

Full Size Value – 0.5 fl. oz/$8
Sample Value – 0.5 fl. oz/$8
On the Card – Get your lips kissable ready this holiday season with Sula Beauty Pretty Lip gloss! Playful, yet sophisticated, this trendy line is designed to compliment not define! Sula Lip Gloss is formulated with natural ingredients that will sooth, soften and moisturize your pretty lips. Go ahead and break the rules, set trends and always be pretty!
My Thoughts – I am a lip gloss junkie, if I could only have one beauty product forever it would be lip gloss. The texture of this lip gloss is really smooth and not sticky at all. The smell and taste is really sweet and fruity which I like. I really like that this was a full size product but I also like that it is affordable so I can go buy more colors and not break the bank.

Glymm/A Special Gift from Glymm
Value - $10
On the Card – We’re making a list and we’re checking it twice. Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, Glymm would like to give you this holiday present. A $10 Gift Card to Glymm’s Beauty Boutique. Indulge in a life more beautiful and buy yourself something pretty. Happy Holidays!
My Thoughts – I was excited to receive this because I have some credit towards the Glymm store right now. I never really found anything on the Glymm site worth the price they are asking but seeing as I really like the perfume from this month’s box I may buy it from Glymm if it becomes available before the gift card expires.

Jelly Beans
Value – Priceless
My Thoughts – Delicious!

Amount Paid for this month’s box - $10
Value of this month’s box - $32.08 (roughly)

Disclaimer – I bought this Glymm box with my own money. I am not being compensated for my review. All opinions are honest and my own.

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