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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Review of July Luxe Box from Loose Button

My July Luxe Box has finally arrived!! I have been anxiously awaiting its arrival since I opened my last Luxe Box. Last month didn't disappoint and either did this month's box. If you don't know what Luxe Box is, but are a beauty lover, check out the details about this company in my June Review. Or you can find out all the information on their Facebook page or on their Website.

Here is the outside of the box minus the black and white ribbon.

This card shows the 4 products that I received.

And this is the inside of the box. Sorry for the quality. My camera is on its last leg and I am looking in to getting a new one.

Now for the product breakdown.

1. A full sized Essie Nail Polish in 572 Rock the Croc.
Retail Value - $8
Sample Value - $8
On the card - Today Essie Nail Polish has grown to be one of the industry's most popular professional polish brands. Due to Essie's long-lasting formula, Essie Nail Polish has been worn by many celebrities including Princess Kate Middleton on her wedding day.
My thoughts - I have never tried an Essie Nail Polish before so I can't really say if I like this brand yet. The color I have is a very deep berry red, that I think will look great as a pedicure colour. Hopefully, I like this brand once I use it, since I have been trying to branch out from OPI and China Glaze.

2. 15mL Bottle of Proclaim Hair Oil Treatment.
Retail Value - $7
Sample Value - $1.17
On the card - Proclaim Argan Oil Hair Oil Treatment is uniquely formulated with Argan Oil and natural ingredients that condition, help repair dry, damaged hair without weighing it down, eliminate frizz and infuse brilliant shine.
My thoughts - I have been wanting to check out an Argan Oil or Moroccan Oil hair treatment for a while now, so I am really excited to have gotten this sample. However, my hair is not dry, damaged, or frizzy so I am curious to see what it will do for me. After I have used this product I will do a full review.

3. 1.2mL Stella Eau de Toilette - Stella in Two Peony Fragrance
Retail Value - $56
Sample Value - $2.87
On the card - Light and sparkling Pink Peony spiced up with black pepper comprise the top notes, while the base notes of amber, cedar wood, and patchouli leave a warm and decidedly sensual drydown. A great spring/summer choice to add to your fragrance collection.
My thoughts - On first smell I really like the scent of this perfume. As a complete hater of floral perfumes I was pleasantly surprised I actually liked this scent. The cute little spritzer is the perfect size to keep in your makeup bag. The scent is light but noticeable, and the perfect scent for summer. Although I like this scent and will probably wear it occasionally until the sample is done I am not sure if I will purchase a full size. I can smell the patchouli in this scent and it is not something I am a huge fan of.

4. 1.1g Trucco Eye Liner Pencil in Ivy 7406
Retail Value - $20
Sample Value - $20
On the card - Pro Lip Pencil can be used to sculpt, color, outline, and reshape the lips. Outline lips before applying lipstick to create shape and help prevent lipstick from feathering. Or use this product to fill in the entire lip as a base for lip colour.
My thoughts - Firstly, the card talks about this being a lip liner, however, it is an eyeliner. This color is a really pretty dark forest green, and from initial swatches it has an okay consistency. I am not in love with the consistency but I do love the color. When I Googled this product (as I have never heard of Trucco Cosmetics) I came to realize that this brand is actually discontinued and only available on eBay or other auction sites. I do not like that this product is not readily available, because if I do fall head over heels in love with it I may never be able to find another one and have to settle for a mediocre substitute.

Overall, I am very impressed with this month's Luxe Box. I would have to give it 4/5 stars. I am also really impressed still with this company in general. The customer service is incredible and their use of social media is very impressive. Instead of just monitoring there page they are constantly commenting with their customers; really making an effort to show that they care, and to make us customers feel valued. Keep up the good work Loose Button, you have made me a lifetime customer already!!

Price paid for July Luxe Box - $11.30
Value of items in July Luxe Box - $36.21 (roughly)

*Disclaimer: This Luxe Box was bought with my own money. I am not being compensated by Loose Button or any of the other brands mentioned for this review. This is my honest opinion on the products and the Luxe Box service.

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