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Friday, July 15, 2011

Review: Glymm's Pre-Launch V.I.G Box - July 2011

My Glymm-er of hope has finally arrived. I have only been waiting a month and a half but it feels like years. I was initially introduced to Glymm through Facebook. One day I signed in Facebook and had a request to "Like" Glymm from someone I assume now is associated with the company. Like all requests I thought nothing of it but after some investigation of their page realized that this company is right up my alley. I chose to "Like" Glymm that day, but I can now say I LOVE them!

If you are not aware of what Glymm is, it is essentially a beauty product sampling service comparable to Luxe Box and BirchBox. I was choosen to be part of their founding family and got to purchase their special pre-launch box. It is called the V.I.G. Box because it is for Very Important Girls. The V.I.G Box was released this month and cost a discounted price of only $5 (no tax and no shipping fees). For $5 I was willing to give this company a try and I am glad I did. This box blew my expectations out of the water. Below you will be able to see pictures and a breakdown of the products I received. Some pictures are blurry, I apologize now.

Instead of listing out how this company works and the prices I am going to link below Glymm's Informational Video and let them tell you all about it.

Glymm's Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/GlymmGirl?ref=ts
Informational Video - http://www.facebook.com/GlymmGirl?ref=ts#!/video/video.php?v=124709004276549

If you are interested in signing up for Glymm, click the link below :

So far Glymm's company, especially the customer service, has gone above and beyond for me. They are quick to reply to emails and Facebook comments, really showing that they value us as customers. No amount of questions are too much for them, they are willing to find and give you the information you need to be satisfied; and that is something I am very impressed with. I am used to companies that make me feel like I'm wasting their time with my questions, but not Glymm. They constantly re-assure me that I am no bother. Their emails are always personal and friendly and so are their phone calls. I give the company 5 stars for their customer service.

Here is what the box looks like. It is a hot pink shiny cardboard box with white lettering. The company website can be found on the sides of the box.

When you take of the lid this is what you see. The orange side of the card has a message, thanking you for joining Glymm and telling you a brief overview of the products inside. The back of the card has a more detailed breakdown of the products, including the price and size of the full sized products.

Here is the inside of the box with the 5 products I received along with a Jelly Belly treat.

Product Breakdown

1. La Roche-Posay Anthelios SPF 60 - 15mL
Retail Value - $27 for 100mL
Sample Value - $4.05
On the card - Combat sun damage in an intense and moisturized fashion with this non-greasy formula. Free of fragrance and full protection, use this fast absorbing SPF on the daily.
My Thoughts - This sample is the perfect sized for my travelling makeup bag. I love it. I tried some on my hand and it absorbs really quickly and doesn't leave the normal gross residue that I am used to with sunscreens. Although it says fragrance free I detect a slight typical sunscreen smell but I don't mind cause I like the smell of sunscreen. I also love that this is SPF 60. I am extremely pale and need all the sun protection I can get my hands on.

2. MYFACEWORKS - I Need To Replenish Facemask - 1 mask
Retail Value - $55 for a box of 6
Sample Value - $9.16
On the card - A skin quenching radiance promoting, youthfulness enhancing facemask that is easy to use and proves that results can be instantaneous. The 100% silk net promises to treat dry skin with love.
My Thoughts -  I am super excited to get this product as I have been wanting to try out this brand for a while. However, since it is so expensive I've been holding off. I am not sure how this mask is going to work for me seeing as I have very oily skin and it says it is for dry skin. My skin breaks out really easily so I may gift this alone to my friend who may get more benefit out of it.

3. Stila Raspberry Lip Glaze - 0.04 fl. oz. (Not 100% sure on the size)
Retail Value - $22 for 0.08 fl. oz.
Sample Value - $11 (Don't quote me lol)
On the card - A deletable, raspberry Popsicle coloured lip gloss that is not only easy to pair with any outfit, but also with any purse, sandal, or eyeshadow. Slim fitting and easy to use, this clutch-friendly gloss is sure to be an instant fave.
My Thoughts - This is my favourite product of the box. I am a lip gloss junkie and hot pinks are my fave colour. I have never tried Stila, as I think I can get comparable quality from cheaper brands, but now that I have tried this I may not be able to go back to my ELF lip glazes. The colour is sheer yet noticeable, and there is no stickiness at all. Stila you are my new favourite brand!

4. OPI Mini Nail Polish - Unknown Colour - 1/8 fl. oz.
Retail Value - $13 for 0.5 fl. oz.
Sample Value - $3.25
On the card - Smokin' hot for Summer, touch up your toes or fingers with this eye-catching polish. Promising to provide a fin and energetic bounce in your step, OPI once again proves it's worth with a shiny, smooth and enduring formula.
My Thoughts - OPI is my favourite nail polish brand, hands down. So I wasn't surprised that I love this sample. The colour is like a very pale grayish-lavender-blue. If that makes any sense. I really like the colour, I just wish I knew the name. Unlike my other OPIs this little bottle doesn't have a name sticker on it :(

5. Gucci Flora Fragrance - 0.16 fl. oz.
Retail Value - $70 for 1.6 fl. oz.
Sample Value - $7
On the card - Sweet and floral, this fragrance combines in perfect balance notes of citrus, peony, rose, osmanthus, pink pepperwood, sandalwood, and patchouli that is relevant to any woman who likes to be expressed with a sophisticated twist.
My Thoughts - First thing I want to say is that the bottle this sample is in is so flippin' adorable! You can see it above in a blurry picture. It isn't like any perfume sample I have ever gotten. I am used to the little cylindrical spritzers. This is a cute mini replica of the actual perfume. Genius. The second thing I love about this perfume is the smell. I hate floral, but this scent sings to me. I am going to be cherishing this sample, but I already know my next perfume purchase will be Gucci Flora.

Bonus - Cotton Candy Jelly Belly's
Value - Priceless
These were so cute and so delicious. They made my day!

Overall, this box was a success. Definitely worth the $5 and I cannot wait for my August box now. Glymm has made a for life customer out of me, and I am tempted to even say that they are better then Loose Button. But I will need to get another box before I can make that conclusion. Let the battle begin between Glymm Box and Luxe Box.

Price paid for box - $5
Value of box - $38.94 roughly

Disclaimer - This V.I.G. Box was purchased by me with my own money. All opinions are honest and my own. I am not being compensated for this review by Glymm or any other company mentioned.


  1. Hey! I ordered my first Glymm box and will be getting it next month. The perfume sample that you got hooked me in. I really really hope I get one of those! Hehe.

  2. @Erin. I'm glad you liked the post and signed up! I noticed you are following my old blog dime store magic. I will no longer be posting anything there. Everything will be here. Thanks for reading!