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Friday, October 25, 2013

Dupe Alert: Deborah Lippman Ruby Red Slippers

A few days ago Jen from From Head to Toe did a blog post about Deborah Lippman's Ruby Red Slippers ($19), and the polish looked oddly familiar to me. I am a huge fan of black polishes with any sort of coloured glitter throughout, so I knew I had a polish like this somewhere in my collection. I ended up finding the polish in question, and I have to say that it is quite the close dupe.
Dupe Alert: Deborah Lippman Ruby Red Slippers vs Wet n Wild Once Upon A Time
And what is this dupe you might ask? Well it is Once Upon A Time from the 2012 Fantasy Makers Collection by Wet n Wild. Once Upon A Time ($1.99) has the same semi-sheer black jelly base, with multi-sized red glitter as Ruby Red Slippers. In Jen's post she stated that she used 4 layers of polish to create an opaque nail, I was at four coats and was finding my polish not opaque enough. So I started over, first putting down a layer of Essence Back to Black ($1.99), and then two coats of the Fantasy Makers.
Dupe Alert: Deborah Lippman Ruby Red Slippers vs Wet n Wild Once Upon A Time
The Fantasy Makers polish dries somewhat matte, so I added a top coat for extra shine. With a topcoat you can really see the dimension to the glitter better. My nails look like they are covered in rubies. They are very eye-catching and I have received quite a few compliments on them. I am totally in love with the look, and I'm glad I get to enjoy it at the fraction of the cost of the DL.

Once Upon A Time is not available in this years Halloween Fantasy Makers Collection. So if you cannot get your hands on this polish, I researched a few other DL dupes:
  • China Glaze Lubu Heels
  • NYX Dark Glitter
  • Wet n Wild Behind Closed Doors
  • NYX Dorothy


  1. I actually like this one better than the Deborah Lippman one! Thanks for the dupe. :)

    1. I love reading about dupes so I thought I would start sharing the ones I find. It's great to get a high end look for cheap.

  2. wow this is beautiful... great dupe!!

  3. Sooo pretty! I'll have to check out some of the dupes you listed!