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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Spring & Summer Haulin'

Hey Ladies! Today will be a quick post showing you some of the things I have hauled in the past week. I went shopping at the mall twice. Once with the BF and once with my Mom. I picked up a few products to get ready for the Summer season, and a few things I thought looked cool that I wanted to try out and review on here. It seems that shopping now is less about necessity, and more about what I can buy to show on here. #bbloggerproblems

My first stop was at Bath & Body Works to check out their Semi-Annual Sale. I was a little underwhelmed by the selection and the sales. However, I picked up a few things and spent just under $35.
I needed a new Body Scrub, so picked up the Malibu Glowing Body Scrub. This smells so good and was only $3.15. I also fell in love with the smell of the Exotic Coconut Shower Gel, so in the bag it went for $3.50. I also picked up a couple Leaves Scentportables and one in Passion Flower, for $1.50 each.
I thought this lip gloss set look neat. They are colour changing glosses, something I've never tried before. These three glosses came to $8.25.
I himed and hawed about this set, but eventually caved and bought it. My justification is that it was a good price, $11 for all three glosses, and there are 5 different colour combinations.
At Winners, I picked up this Marcelle set on sale for $8. I bought it for the clutch mostly, because it will go perfectly with the dress I am wearing for a wedding in July. The makeup was just a bonus. I will most likely use the purple eye shadows for my makeup at the wedding as well. Not sure how much use I will get out of the glitter liner though.
At Dollarama I picked up these two RE:NU by JOICO hair serum sets. For $3 a piece I couldn't pass them up. I can't wait to give these a try and report back on my thoughts and results.
Me and the BF went to Globo to get him some new work shoes, and I fell in love with this purse. I have been looking for a Spring/Summer purse, and loved the mix of colours on this one. This is a bigger purse, not as big as a tote bag, but almost there. I always carry so much stuff with me, so I need a bigger bag. I can see the white leather getting dirty quickly, so I'm going to have to invest in some leather cleaner. For $30 though, I thought this bag was a steal!
And lastly, I picked up the new edition of Nail It! Magazine. This is a nail polish magazine that debuted about 6 months ago. There are always great tutorials, and nail art ideas in here, and I definitely recommend it for any nail polish enthusiast.

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