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Monday, June 3, 2013

Review: BA STAR Holo Glitter

Hey ladies! Today's post will be a review of BA STAR's holographic glitter and glitter glue. I was sent these products from BA STAR in exchange for a review. I was really impressed by the last products I was sent from BA STAR, so I had high hopes for these. They did not disappoint, so check out the review below.
The glitter glue came in a lip gloss type tube with a doe foot applicator. I didn't find that it had a scent, and although it is white in the tube it goes on pretty clear. It dries fairly quickly, at least I think that it does. It is hard to tell if it is drying or not because the formula isn't very wet, it is more of a cream texture. It holds the glitter fairly well, and isn't overly sticky, so I didn't have to scrub to get it off. I was impressed with this glue and will use it with some of the other glitters I have in the future.
 The glitter is very finely milled, and a little goes a long way. As you can see above in the lid it flashes all colours of the rainbow. It isn't gritty, like other glitters I've tried, so it didn't irritate my skin. I didn't try it on my eye because I am worried about it getting in my eye, but I was impressed by what I did try. I think that it would look really nice in a top coat on my nails. I am going to be trying this soon and if it turns out well I will post it on here.
I kept the one shot out of focus and super zoomed in so that you could see how pretty all the different colours are. My swatching skills were lacking here so the swatch on my hand is kind of sparse. However, to actually get the swatch to be opaque, you would need quite a bit of glitter, more than I would wear on a daily basis. I think putting a light wash of glitter to finish off an eye look would be good for an everyday look. Maybe on New Years I will pack on the glitter and go all out. When I tried to put the glitter from the lid onto my hand with my finger, most of the glitter stayed on my finger. I don't think, with this glitter, you would need much glue, it holds on pretty well on its own.

Overall, I am impressed with this glitter. I cant wait to try it on my nails, and in a makeup look. This little pot is going to last me a really long time, so I cant see myself having to buy more anytime soon. BA STAR has other colours available on their website. The other colours look nice, but I think that the holographic is the most unique.

If you are interested in trying this glitter out, check out the link above. The glitter and glue combo retails for $8.75, however, for my readers BA STAR has offered 50% when you use the code BBGLITZ.
Disclaimer: I received these products from BA STAR for free in exchange for a review. I was eligible for this campaign because I am part of BrandBacker. This review was 100% honest and my own thoughts. 

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