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Monday, May 27, 2013

Revlon Selects Update - Nail Art 3D Appliques

So last week I reviewed the second Revlon Selects package I was sent. You can read that review here. I had pretty rave reviews for all of the products, especially the 3D Nail Art Strips.

I still think these nail stickers are the best I've ever tried. They were easy to apply and lasted about a week, before my nails grew out and I started to get some tip wear. When applying them, I followed all of the instructions on the box. I used nail polish remover to clean off my nails, including any excess oils. I applied the strips and filed off the extra sticker. According to the box to remove them you are to "gently peel applique off nail starting from side corner of the cuticle area."

Everything went great with these nail stickers until I had to remove them. I tried not to be overly rough when pulling them off, but the glue was very sticky, and some effort was needed. I was horrified to see that the stickers were pulling my nails off. Layers upon layers of my nails were ripped off, and I was left with rough, jagged, uneven nails.

I am not trying to bash these nail stickers, because I will continue to buy and wear them, I just want to warn you ladies that your nails may suffer. I guess beauty is pain right?

Next time I wear these I think I will try putting on a base coat, or try softening up the glue with nail polish remover or a blow dryer.

Has this ever happened to you when using these nail strips? I would love to hear any f your ideas on how to avoid this problem in the future.



  1. Oh no!!! Did they not dissolve with acetone?

    1. I didn't take them off with acetone because the packaging didnt say too. The packaging said to peel them off the nails gently. Next time I will try using acetone.

  2. How come the Revlon brand is like this.They should not use that type of glue which can harm the nails.