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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Always Infinity BzzAgent Review

So, when I first got chosen to be part of this BzzAgent Campaign I was so excited, because this was my first campaign in over a year. However, I was kinda worried about how I was going to write my review here. I mean all of us women get a "gift" from Mother Nature each month, but it isn't something we normally talk about, especially on a public forum like a blog.

Always & BzzAgent eliminated all my worries by sending me complete instructions on how to conduct a demonstration in order to give a review. I am going to be completely honest about my thoughts during the demo and when I tested them out during my time of the month.

I have never used either of the pads I was sent from Always, however, I usually buy Always brand for my feminine product needs. I feel that Always provides something for everybody, and I like that all of their different varieties of pads have wings. I feel more comfortable and confident that I wont have any issues when the pads have wings.


The demo required 5 additional supplies that I, fortunately, had at my house:
1. Scissors
2. An eye dropper
3. Blue food colouring (I used green)
4. Warm water in a small glass
5. A plate, counter top or any non absorbent surface to place samples on
Step 1, was removing the cores from the two pads. This entailed cutting the ends off the pads and then pulling the front and back padding off the core. It was really easy to get the Infinity core out, but the Maxi core made quite the mess.
Step 2, was to mix the food colouring and warm water until it was noticeably green. Then I put 30 drops of water onto each core. This is what it looked like right after dropping the water on. They both looked pretty soaked at this point.
Step 3, after about a minute the water is absorbed. From there I folded the cores in half and pressed them together. As you can see, the Maxi Core looks completely soaked even though it apparently absorbed the liquid. The Infinity core looks almost white again on the surface, and looks like it has lots more room to absorb more liquid.
Third step wasn't part of the demo, but I took each core and folded it in half, then gentle applied pressure. The Maxi pad had a few drops of liquid escape, but the Infinity core didn't.

My Thoughts

The first thing I noticed about the Always Infinity pads were how slim they were, yet, they stated they were for heavy flow. These pads were super comfy when I used them. It didn't really feel like I was wearing one at all, and I had no issues with them either. During the demo I was skeptical about how well this thin absorbent core was going to hold up to a heavy flow, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Here are the fine details about Always Infinity, from BzzAgent:
  • It’s made from space-age material. Need you say more?
  • The Infinicel™ material remains unbelievably light, even while absorbing up to 10 times its weight
  • The dual Flexi-Wing® design adapts to fit the curvature of your underwear for secure protection
  • The Always Infinity core is actually two layers — one acquires fluid, the other holds it

  • The core of the Always Maxi pad was like a giant cotton ball, which is like the core of the pads I normally use. These pads were so thick, almost like a diaper. It was extremely uncomfortable on, and I felt so self conscious wearing it. This pad was also for those with a heavy flow, however I didn't think it held up as well during the demo. It could adequately hold 1/3 of the liquid that the Infinity core could.

    After this demo, and personally using them during my time of the month, I would have to say that I am converted. I loved the Always Infinity with the new super absorbent core. I will be buying them from now on. They felt comfortable and you couldn't tell I was wearing a pad, whether I was wearing jeans, scrubs, pj's, or sweat pants, and I liked that a lot. I am super self conscious about that. They also absorbed a lot better than my normal feminine product.

    Have you tried the new Always Infinity pads? What are your thoughts about them?


    Disclaimer - I was sent these Always feminine products because I am part of BzzAgent. The thoughts and opinions found in this review are 100% honest and my own.


    1. I actually had a good experience with these pads too! Did you make a video for it as well? I havent done this yet but I could definitely tell that the pads were really absorbent. They were comfy too.. I was surprised because I dont like the regular always pads!

      1. Hey Michelle thanks for the comment!! I don't make videos so I'm not going to be making one. I decided to show the demo by pictures. I can't believe how comfy they were! I will be buying them in the future!

    2. Kudos to you for posting on this. They acually look pretty good. I like these ones by Kotex but I will for sure check these out in a mini pack next time I'm at the store. Thanks!