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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Review: Wantable.co Monthly Makeup Subscription Box

Hey girls! Today's post is really exciting! I am going to be reviewing Wantable.co's Monthly Makeup Subscription service. I want to disclaim now that is post is going to be very long! I am going to be going over all the important company information, subscription info, and reviewing the products I was sent. I also want to disclaim that I was sent this promo box for free from Wantable's PR Rep Jaclyn. However, even though I did not pay for this box my views and opinions are completely honest, and my own.

Wantable is a makeup and jewelry subscription company, that is well established and reviewed in the U.S., and is making the move to Canada in April 2013. I actually heard about this company back in September 2012 when they were first launching, and recently heard through Smart Canucks that they will be offering a free box to all Canadians. We just have to pay for shipping. Well, naturally, the beauty enthusiast in me totally wanted to jump on this offer and within the past few weeks it has spread throughout some Canadian beauty enthusiast Facebook groups that I am a part of. I got in contact with their PR Rep Jaclyn to find out more information and she offered to send me a box so that I could review it here on my blog. Thank you so much Jaclyn! I just want to say that Customer Service at Wantable is amazing! They answer all your emails and questions in a timely manner and go out of their way to make sure that their customers are satisfied!

The Wantable Team!
I've broken down all of the information you will need to know into different questions that arose for me while I've been learning about this company. Hopefully, I answer all of your questions as well.

What Wantable claims.

"We send you hand-selected boxes filled with items that perfectly match your style."

How do Canadians sign up for their first box for free? How much does shipping cost?

The first box will be available mid-April. You can sign up to be on the waiting list using the following link. Sign up for your Free Wantable Box here!

According to Wantable, once you sign up for the waiting list they will email you instructions on how to get your free box, when they launch in April. Keep in mind that you must pay for shipping, so the box isn't really free. I just noticed on the web page that it says you must subscribe and your second box will be free. Now I am/was not aware that you had to pay for a first box before you get one for free and even in my talks with Jaclyn I was never given the impression that that was so.

Shipping for this free box will be a $5 premium rate, plus whatever duties and taxes apply for where you live. Therefore, everyone will probably be charged a different amount based on where in Canada they live.

UPDATE - Due to Wantable still being a start up company it is not feasible for them to offer everyone their first box for free. As everyone would sign up for the free box and then unsubscribe. So now all Canadians who subscribe and pay for their first box will be able to get their second box for free plus the shipping costs.

UPDATE #2 - For the 1000 people who signed up to get the first box free, they will still get that. They capped that promotion at 1000, and because it was so successful, they opened up the page for more people to try as well, but their second box will be free instead. So, anyone who signed up before yesterday - March 27th, will receive their first box free, and anyone who signs up from here on out will get the second one free.

What do you get when you subscribe to Wantable?

There are two different types of subscriptions at Wantable. You can sign up for either a recurring monthly Jewelry or Makeup Subscription. Or you can buy a one time gift of either Jewelry or Makeup. The Jewelry Box comes with 4-5 items. The Makeup Box includes 5 full size items, with additional sample sized items sometimes included. Both boxes are valued at over $80 and are filled with boutique, premium, brand products.

What does this subscription cost?

$36 per month for a recurring membership + $5 premium shipping rate + any additional duties and taxes


$40 for a one time gift purchase + $5 premium shipping rate + any additional duties and taxes

Now Americans normally get free shipping included with the base price of each option, but us Canadians are going to be paying quite a bit more per month. Because the duties and taxes are different for each part of Canada, you will be able to figure out what your monthly cost will be after you pay the $5+ duties and taxes on the free boxes. I'm just guesstimating here, but I'm thinking that it's going to be at least $20 additional for Canadians each month. I'm not sure if I would be willing to pay that much for a subscription box, full size products or not. But, we'll see.

What if I don't like the products I am sent?

No problem! Send them back to Wantable. Returns are always free!

What if I can't afford it one month, or would like a break?

Just like Julep you can choose to skip a month or two and still keep your current membership active. You are not locked into anything. You can cancel at anytime, no questions asked.

How do they customize my box according to my style?

Every month you can choose to go with the curated box that has set colours in it, or you can choose to have a customized box made for you.

There is a very comprehensive Beauty Questionnaire you go through upon subscribing. They ask you questions about the following beauty categories: brows, lip colour, lash products, eyeliner, eyeshadow, brushes, highlighter, bronzer, blush, & nail polish.

At first you pick whether you like, love, or dislike those categories. Then each category is broken down into subcategories, then colour option, and product type. All with like, love, and dislike options. So if you say that you love black gel liner, and hate hot pink lipstick, you will get the liner, but never get hot pink lipstick.

How long does it take to ship to me?

Shipping takes 5-9 business days and they will ship to anywhere in Canada.

Who chooses the products we get every month?

Wantable doesn't just hire anyone to pick their products! Industry specialists hand pick the brands and products. Let's meet them!


Now as you can see, this subscription is a lot more, cost wise, than others on the market right now, even Glossybox. But what makes this subscription totally worth it is that you always get full size products. And these products are completely customized to you style and preferences based off the Beauty Profile. And on top of all that you can change what you want to receive every month, by changing your Beauty Profile to reflect what you like and dislike. And finally, if for some reason you still are not happy, (although I can't see why you wouldn't be), you can return the box at no extra charge to you, plus a refund of your money.

You will never get packet samples like Gylmm, get drugstore brands or expired products, like Glossybox, and you wont have to wait three months for your next box like Loose Button. You will always get full size, in-style, and in-season products and brands delivered to your door every month.

Now that you know about the company, here is what I received in my PR promo box. I kept my beauty profile very open, liking almost everything, as I wanted to see the variety of colours and products they would send me. I think going forward I am going to refine it a bit because some of the colours I got are just okay. I kind of wish now that I had stuck with the Robert Jones curated box instead of getting the customized one. I didn't really like the green eyeshadow in RJ's box, but I would have preferred to receive the pink lip gloss and blush to the ones that were chosen for me.

The packaging of this box is very nice. It's a purple cardboard box with the Wantable logo on the outside. The products are wrapped in black tissue paper. Inside the first thing you see is a thank you card and an invoice. What I really liked about the invoice is that they show you that they were listening to your requests by listing the product categories you did and did not want. They also list the products you received and the retail price of them. On the opposite side of the page there is a little letter about this months products and the thoughts behind their choices.
The second sheet shows a small picture of each of the products sent, a description of the product, and an application tip from "T".  I really like this touch because sometimes when I receive products in these boxes I can never figure out the best way to apply them.

Once seeing my products this month I noticed that they sent me everything I need to create a complete makeup look. I really like this aspect!

Here is a breakdown of the products I received:

Brand: 29 Cosmetics
Product: Crush Cheek Blusher in Tannins
Retail Value: $36.00
Description: A real honest-to-goodness healthy glow packed with anti-oxidants in shades that leave the skin naturally looking "blushed" not made up.
Tip from T: Swirl your brush in this beautiful blush and apply in a circular motion to the apples of the cheeks, extending outward towards the temples.
My Thoughts: This isn't a blush colour that I would normally pick out for myself. So it is nice to get something different. However, when swatched this blush comes off almost brown and reminds me of a glittery bronzer. I said I didn't like bronzer, so I don't know why they would send me something that resembles one.

Brand: Be a Bombshell
Product: Felt Tip Eyeliner in Espresso
Retail Value: $14.00
Description: Our long lasting eyeliner formula in a rich brown. Serves as a great base for neutral eye shadows.
Tip from T: Connect short strokes together until you feel comfortable with application, or practice on the back of your hand until you find the proper angle and amount of pressure to get that perfect cat-eye you desire.
My Thoughts: I really liked the chocolate brown colour of this eyeliner and it went on very smooth. It wasn't overly opaque so a few layers may be needed. The marker shape makes application very easy.

Brand: Benecos
Product: Natural Baked Eyeshadow in Amazing
Retail Value: $12.99
Description: You can't go wrong with our brilliantly-hued Natural Baked Eye shadows. These mineral shadows are baked to provide you with long-lasting colour. Organic plant oils create a creamy application, goes on smooth and even. Colour sparkles and enhances your look. Moisten for a more dramatic look.
Tip from T: Using a medium shadow brush, apply shadow from upper lash line to just below the brow bone. Pair with your favourite liner and mascara, as desired.
My Thoughts: I really like this colour! It's like a greyish teal and goes on sheer enough for a wash of colour all over the lid. But I think I will use it more as an eyeliner. It will give the perfect pop of colour to a neutral eye.

Brand: Color Club
Product: Nail Polish in On the Rocks from the Fiesta Collection
Retail Value: $8.00
Description: A flashy molten silver, Color Club's On the Rocks adds a touch of luxe glamour to your everyday look.
Tip from T: Apply two thin coats of polish on top of your favourite base and finish with a topcoat for a lasting manicure.
My Thoughts: I have been loving polishes that look like metal and this is just that! This polish goes on fairly smooth, but has some streaking.

Brand: Lavera
Product: Organic Lip Gloss in Almond Kiss
Retail Value: $16.80
Description: Get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals with this shimmering healthy lip infusion. Made with 100% pure crushed minerals for shimmer, plus anti aging sun protection and super hydrating oils of vitamin E and Jojoba.
Tip from T: Apply natural lip gloss straight from the tube for a hint of sheer colour and shimmer.
My Thoughts: This gloss looks kinda brown in the tube. But swatched it has a slight peachy undertone. The shimmer is very noticeable in this gloss. I don't know how often I will use this gloss. I prefer pinks and reds, not browns.

Brand: Milu Beauty
Product: Amber Sugar Scrub Sample
Retail Value: $0.00
Description: A luxurious experience to exfoliate the skin with sugar and nourish the body with vitamins, essential oils, and a splash of bourbon. Use as an indulgence ritual to smooth, soften, moisturize and heal the body. Suitable for all skin types. Paraben Free and Fragrance Free.
Tip from T:  Try shaving with this for the most ultra-soft sexy legs you've ever had!
My Thoughts: It was nice to get an extra sample and it smells amazing!

Overall Value of this box: $87.79

Overall, I really enjoyed the products I received. I would definitely suggest filling out the Beauty Profile to specify exactly which colours and products you like to receive so that you are always getting the most for your money. I am going to stay subscribed for the free box, and depending on how much extra it will cost for me for shipping I may stay subscribed after that. At $36 I could justify it because I am getting full size products. However, I can't justify paying much more then that, seeing as I am trying to save for a house. It would have been nice to see shipping included in the monthly subscription cost like it is for Americans, but we Canadians always get the short end of the stick somehow, so here's to hoping shipping isn't too expensive.
Remember to click the link above to sign up for the free box, this is a generic link, not an affiliate link. Also please leave your thoughts on this company and this subscription service in the comments below so that Jaclyn and Wantable.co can see the opinions of their Canadian customers.

Check out Wantable's Website!

Like Wantable on Facebook!

Are you going to be signing up for Wantable in April?


  1. You're right, we'll have to see what shipping will be like. Duties and taxes can really be an issue. It is a pricey box but you did get a good selection and you can't beat full size.

  2. The products look great but I'm a bit concerned about what the total price will be with shipping + duties. I signed up and will try it out and then decide....

  3. I was able to get their very first box and I loved it. I'm excited they are shipping here now :)

  4. Thanks for the very comprehensive review! It answered a lot of questions I had about the company.

    Not sure if I would be willing to pay full price for the first box and have the second box free, as it was previously written on their website that it was the first box that would be free. I see that they've changed their wording on the signup page now, which is understandable but also disappointing. There's no incentive to try with the box cost being rather high to begin with. Duty/taxes will add another $10-15, plus duty handling charges. I'd rather they give a half price box for two months instead.

    1. I agree- you said what I was gonna say.

  5. great review - thank you for including all the details. i signed up for the free box but not sure i'm going to take advantage of the offer... i'm going to wait and see. it looks like a good box but it is so pricey and i have so many subscriptions already hehe.

  6. In the end for a few more $ we can purchase our on products we like , then getting a box of items we may not like. Too expensive. They should honor the original Free box to ppl who sign up before they changed it.

    1. oh good looks like the 1st 1000 will :)

  7. I got the first box free offer e-mail a couple weeks ago. I signed up and shipping/tax/duties came to $10. They refunded the $36 subscription fee and shipped the box out. Can't wait till it arrives! I went for jewellery.