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Monday, March 25, 2013

Review: ClubNailPolish "Pretty Little Package" Monthly Subscription Pre-Launch Bag

Disclaimer - I received this "Pretty Little Package" from Club Nail Polish in exchange for a review of their service. I am not being paid for this post.

In today's post I will be reviewing Club Nail Polish's prototype pre-launch package. Club Nail Polish, here on out known as CNP, is a monthly subscription service like Glymm, Loose Button, Julep, etc. Except they are not your typical "box" club. They do not send out sample size or house brand products. With CNP you will receive one secret, full size, name brand nail polish every month, right to your door. Brands can/will include OPI, China Glaze, Essie, etc.

According to CNP:

"It's like 'candy for your nails', and as someone famous once said, 'Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what one you'll get.' In this case, once a month."
CNP believes that everyone deserves a little bit of sweetness in the mail every month, instead of the regular boring junk mail and bills. The best part of CNP is that you'll get to experience colours you wouldn't normally buy for yourself. Their wish for us is to try at least once new nail polish colour every month.
Now that you know about the company, here is what I received in my prototype package.
My Thoughts
I think these files are super cute and the perfect size for sticking in your purse. The cotton rounds are a nice addition as well. I change my nail polish at least twice a week, so I am always in need of cotton rounds. I think extras like these are nice, but I don't think I would want to receive them every month. Other nail art extras would be nice. However, the more extravagant the extras the more expensive the box. And since CNP states they are a simple subscription service that's all about the nail polish, I don't feel that their extras should outshine their main product. I also would not want to pay more a month just to receive better "extras." I'd rather pay less and just get a nail polish.
I received OPI's My Paprika is Hotter Than Yours." I was very happy to see this colour because it is not only from the newly released Euro Centrale collection, but it is also the perfect colour to get me into the Spring mood. This polish is a bright orange cream with red undertones, and I can't wait to try it! I just cant help but smile when I look at it. Orange is such a happy colour! What I also liked about this nail polish is that it is not a colour I would normally look at or buy for myself. CNP is giving me something out of my comfort zone and I really think I am going to be grabbing for this colour a lot.
Polishes that other Bloggers received in their packages include:
Just click the links above to go to these wonderful Bloggers' reviews!
So it seems like there is some variety to the polishes, but some uniformity  as well. There is a good mix between newer and older collection polishes.
In my opinion, for CNP to stay competitive in the ever expanding beauty subscription world, they need to send out polishes from current collections. I don't really want to see older polishes or unpopular collections/colours in this subscription because I can find those in clearance bins or on sale for less at places like Winners.
Now onto the subject of cost. In my conversations with CNP they have stated that their monthly cost is not set in stone yet. I've heard talks that it will be between $10-$15 per month. CNP wants opinions about cost, and wants us to take retail price per bottle, packaging, experience, and shipping costs into account.
So here is my package's cost broken down into those categories:
Retail Price per Bottle - $9.99x1.13% tax = $11.29 (price @ Caryl Baker Visage)
Packaging - Tissue Paper - $0.06 for 1 sheet (price @ Dollarama)
                          Silver Bubble Mailer - $0.48 (price @ Staples)
Experience - Can't really quantify this.
Shipping Costs - $12.58 (shipped from BC to Ontario using Standard Shipping. It took 10 days to get to me)
Not taking into account the cost of the "extras", this package cost CNP $24.41.
Would I pay that much for this subscription on a monthly basis? Answer - No, and I don't think many others would either since we are only going to be getting one nail polish.
I would reasonably pay $10-$12 for this subscription, as that is the ballpark cost of OPI, Essie, Nicole by OPI, etc. China Glaze are around $7, but as long as I wasn't paying $12 a month for a $7 polish I would be happy.
In order for CNP to get their cost under $12 they need to reduce their cost by 50% which is huge! They would have to buy their polishes at Wholesale or Lot Prices (which I assume they are doing). They could also save money by switching the shiny, metallic mailers to ordinary ones. You can get 3 mailers for $1.13 at Dollarama. Thus costing only $0.38/mailer. And I am sure a shipping deal could be made with Canada Post to reduce the amount of shipping per package.
Overall though, I am really impressed with this company so far, and if the price is right, I would probably sign up for a monthly subscription. As a nail polish junkie this is right up my alley. I love trying and experimenting with new colours of nail polish and $10-$12/month is in my budget. This little monthly treat would be perfect to curb my buying urges, plus I would have a new nail polish to feature here each month. Hopefully, more information comes to light soon as to when they are going to launch and what the cost will be.
If you are interested in Club Nail Polish, and would like to stay up-to-date on what's going on with them, then follow the links below! I would like to thank Club Nail Polish for choosing me to review their service!
What do you think of Club Nail Polish so far? Would you sign up for this monthly subscription?


  1. Thanks Chelsey for linking us!..
    I have to say, I like your approach to this subscription.
    I also was interested in this subscription since I am a nail junkie myself.
    But receiving mine, I was underwhelmed!
    Hopefully, with a few changes, we can see this as a success!

  2. Wow I cant believe how expensive it is. lucky that you got a polish from a newer collection I saw the other links and it looks like they were all from older collections! It makes me wonder how they got their polishes..