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Sunday, December 2, 2012

NOTD: Revlon Emerald City

As soon as I saw this nail polish in Dollarama I knew I had to have it. It is a beautiful emerald green with tons of green glitter throughout. The nail polish hoarder in me just couldn't put it down. When I got home and took the price sticker off I realized that it is a Matte Suede polish. This is the first matte polish in my collection and I love it!

I was so afraid that the glitter would cease to be glittery, but it kept enough shimmer to it. It gives the polish a textured look. The only downside I found to this polish was that if you don't have a matte top coat you cant put one on without losing the matte-ness of the polish. And without a top coat I found this polish chipped easily. I had very noticeable tip wear on day two. I might invest in a top coat on Boxing Day if I can find one on sale.

I am so happy that I keep finding Revlon polishes at Dollarama as I love the formulations, colours, and staying power, but can't afford to pay full price right now. Revlon has quickly become one of my favourite polish brands.

During December I'm going to share some Christmas things with you from around my home, as well as, some Awesome things about the Christmas season! This was my view while blogging today, the Christmas tree is in its first stages of decoration and the Lions game is on for the boyfriend. Its been a great December 2nd so far! If you are interested in home decor then head on over to my mom's blog (The Creative Me and My McG) for all things DIY, Home Decor, and budget buys.


  1. From Dollarama! I cannot believe that! I will have to check out what my dollarama has, I am due to pick up some baskets this week for Christmas gifts! Great shade


    1. Ya I've bought all my Revlon polishes from Dollarama. They are two dollars instead of the regular five or more

  2. matte suede! nice find :) i really like the look!

  3. nice look! Oh and btw its not that you didnt have a top coat, its just the nature of suedes. Unfortunately they don't last long!
    at least they look great while they last!

  4. Oh! Cool colour!

    Also, why are you watching a Lions game if you're from Ontario? There's only one team with lions, right..?

    1. Because I live so close to the US border most of the sports my boyfriend watches are US teams.

    2. Oooh, I immediately thought BC Lions :P

  5. Thanks for the shout out - next time maybe you'd like to help out with the decorating...LOL

  6. Gorgeous shade of emerald! I love Revlon nail polishes although some of them are misses!! Most are HITS :)

    new follower here!

  7. Chelsey - I so enjoy your blog...I nominated you for a Liebster Award. You can check out my post @ http://thecreativemeandmymcg.blogspot.ca/2012/12/liebster-blog-award.html

    wishing you continued success!

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  9. WOW that is such a pretty colour! i saw a few revlon polishes at dollarama but not this one... if i ever find it, i will snap it up.

    i haven't decorated for the holidays in over 5 years but i'm feeling like adding a bit of festive cheer to our condo so i might actually dig out our decorations this weekend. :)

  10. Ok, I'm so angry at myself now!!! I had this in my hand and put it down. I had like 10 different colours and I had to narrow it down..but I LOVE this one