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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Boxing Day Haul 2012

If you haven't seen my No-Buy Inventory Page definitely check it out. And if you have seen it then you probably know that I didn't need to buy anything on Boxing Day, cause I have more then enough stuff. However, I have a problem and I know that so I was up at 5am to go shopping and was home by 10 with everything I wanted plus a few extras.

Here is what I picked up. I tried to find all the original and sale prices so I could post them underneath. I forgot to take a picture of what I bought at Aeropostale so I will add in pictures off the website.

I got this lace sweater in a cream colour because I already have many sweaters in this colour.
Original Price - $54.50
Sale Price - $20

At Old Navy I found a rack of coloured and patterned pants on sale and picked up three pairs. I also found a neutral light brown chunky knit sweater on sale.
Sale Price of Pants - $9.97 to $14.99
Sale Price of Sweater - $20

I always pick up some DVDs at Walmart on Boxing Day. This year I picked up Jersey Shore Season 5 and Wrath of the Titans for $10 each. I bought The Lucky One for $5 and Brides Maids for $7.

Sweat Pea 3 wick Candle - $5.63
Aromatherapy Sleep Pillow Mist - $3.18
Paris Amour Rollerball Perfume - $4.83
Hand Sanitizer - $2.18
Cinnamon Frosting Bulb - $1.75
Peach Bellini Bulb - $1.75

13 piece brush set - on sale for $7

Garnier Moisturizer Gift Set - on sale for $7

Garnier BB Cream and Dark Circle Roller Gift Set - on sale for $9.50 each

Travalo - not on sale - $12.99
Quo 6 piece Lip Gloss Set - on sale for $10
Quo All About the Eyes Palette - on sale for $11

Nivea Skincare Set. This is what I originally went to Walmart for. The set was originally on sale for $14 which I thought was a good deal. But on Boxing Day they were on sale for $7. I bought three of them and almost had to fight some lady for them lol

I bought this lip crayon kit on a whim because it was on sale for $4.50. I swatched a few and they seem glossy but somewhat sheer.

And lastly I bought a Coach wallet to match the purse that I bought last year. It was 50% off, then 30%, then 10%. It was definitely a splurge item but that is what Christmas money is for and this wallet will last me a long time.


  1. Whoa. So many great deals, especially those Quo items. I think shoppers drugmart overprices them regularly but that's why Boxing day is so great! xx


  2. i didn't know they had such pretty lace sweaters at Aeropostale! i was also looking at the blue polka dot jeans at Old Navy but they didnt have my size...
    and omgawd!! you got 2 of the Garnier BB cream/roller sets!? i went to 2 Wal-Marts and had no luck!! :( i was looking for those specifically - such a great deal!

    1. Yeah I got two and so did my mom. We bought all the ones in my store. The lace sweater is so nice. Can be fancy and casual :)

    2. that's so awesome :) i've given up looking for them even though i went to 2 more wal-marts (that makes 4 haha i am a tad obsessive that way)
      let me know how that eye roller works for you - i've heard it was amazing

    3. The eye roller is awesome! I've been using it for over a year now. The light weight concealer gives me enough coverage ut doesn't settle in fine lines. It is almost brightening. I definitely recommend it. I should do a review on here :)

  3. That Garnier gift set was such a great price! I've been using the eye roller and I can't believe you got all of that stuff for $9.50! Crazy considering I paid $20 just for the eye roller at Shoppers!

  4. great haul!! not sure why but i can't seem to find the eye roller haha. i better take a closer look at SDM.

    1. Try looking at Walmart Ellesy! I always find it the cheapest there.