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Sunday, September 23, 2012

This or That TAG! & URL Update (Followers Please Read)

Good morning! I just wanted to put in a quick update about my current blog changes. My followers will notice that I have been doing a bunch of changes to the layout and look of my blog over the last week. Thank you to everyone for you kind words and encouragement about my change from industrial dime store magic to my beauty full adventure.
I have been thinking non-stop over the week that I need to change my URL to match my new blog title, so that everything flows together, and in my mind I think that it is more professional looking. However, a problem occurs when I change my URL. All of you, my beautiful followers, who have me in your blog lists and reader list and on your profile blog lists will not be able to find me by clicking that link anymore, whether it says industrial dime store magic or my beauty full adventure.
Because they are linked to my old URL which will be non-existent after the change. I'm not sure what to do at this point except hope that a bunch of you read this and see that when I change my URL tonight you might have to come to my new URL and add it to your blog list, aka follow me by GFC again, even though it is telling me you all still do under the new URL.
Hopefully this update isn't too confusing lol...and I hope everyone finds me at my new URL starting tonight (mybeautyfulladventure.blogspot.ca) so that we can continue on this adventure together :)
Now on to the TAG!
I was tagged by Lacey over on her blog http://laceysmiles84.blogspot.ca/ to do this post and was so excited when she told me, because I have never been officially tagged to do a Tag Post before. Thanks again Lacey! If you've never been to Lacey's blog I would definitely recommend heading over there...like right after you're done reading this post cause she is the nicest more outgoing and positive person you will ever meet and her blog is truly amazing!
Blush or Bronzer?
Definitely blush! I have the ELF blush and bronzer duo which I was very excited to finally get my hands on but I am literally afraid to try using the bronzer cause I have no idea how to work with it.

Lipgloss or Lipstick?
Lipstick girl right here! I do love gloss from time to time but I hate when my hair gets stuck in it or it is super sticky. My go to lip is lip balm or chapstick then lipstick them more balm or chapstick over top.

Matte or Sparkle Eye Shadow?
I love using a mix of both when I am creating an eye look but lately I have been using mostly sparkle and shimmer eyeshadows. I love the look they give and they really help brighten up the eye area.

Gel, Liquid, Cream, or Pencil Eyeliner?
It is so hard to pick cause it all depends on the look I am going for. I use pencil eyeliner most often though. My favourite is the Annabelle Kohl Eyeliner in Black, but I have been using a black Cargo eye pencil lately that I received in one of my Glymm boxes.

Foundation or Concealer?
Concealer all the way! I have pretty good skin most days so I don't really need foundation anymore.

Liquid or Powder Foundation?
I've used liquid for years but recently I've been loving the PUR Minerals 4-in-1 Powder Foundation.

Neutral or Statement Eyes?
Neutral 9 times out of 10. I don't have time everyday to create something as elaborate as a statement eye and I work at a hospital so I need to keep it professional.

Pressed or Loose Shadows?
Pressed. Loose shadows and I have a love/hate relationship that is currently on HATE.

Waterproof or Non Water proof?
Waterproof eyeliner...Yes! Waterproof mascara...NO!

Brushes, Sponges or Fingers?
I use all three when I get ready everyday but I think if I had to pick it would be brushes.

Powder, Cream, or Liquid Highlighter?
Powder because I have a bit more control when using it. I have both a cream and liquid highlighter and I still don't know how to properly put them on.
Well there you have it! Hopefully you enjoyed reading this tag! I tag any one of my followers who would like to do this tag to do it. I would love to read your answers!
I will see you all over at my new URL mybeautyfulladventure.blogspot.ca really soon! <3


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  1. I had to come hunt you down after my bookmark lead me to a page that didn't exist! You're lucky I care enough to find you! :P