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Sunday, April 1, 2012

March Empties & Throw Aways

This month I did a lot better when it came to using up products and not buying as many. Half of the products in this post are empty and the other half are products I found in my collection that I have had forever and really just needed to get thrown out.

I would have used up alot more products, however, in the past 2 weeks I really haven't been wearing makeup because I have been healing after a bad car accident.

Lush Color Supplement in Light Pink
Repurchase: Yes
My Thoughts: I love using this color supplement mixed with my daily moisturizer to make a tinted moisturizer. The coverage is just enough for days where I don't need a ton of coverage. It is also perfect to use as a spot concealer if you need extra coverage. The pot looks really little but it usually lasts me about 3 months. This costs $13.95.
Replacement Product: Covergirl Foundation

Clinique High Impact Mascara - Sample
Purchase Full Size: Maybe
My Thoughts:  I received this sample in a gift with purchase a few months ago. Although I really liked the mascara and how it made my lashes look, I am not sure if I liked it enough to splurge on the full size, when I can get a similar effect from a mascara from the drugstore.
Replacement Product:  Covergirl Mascara

Face & Eye Cleansing Cloths For All Skin Types
Repurchase: Yes
My Thoughts: These are my favourite makeup remover wipes. You get 25 wipes for $1.25 and are the best makeup remover wipes I have ever used. I don't believe that you need $10 wipes to remove your makeup. As long as the Dollarama continues to sell these I will buy them, because they remove makeup with 1 wipe. If they ever stop selling them I will probably switch to baby wipes to remove my makeup.
Replacement Product: Face & Eye Cleansing Cloths For All Skin Types from Dollarama

Antibacterial Wipes (x5)
Repurchase: NO
My Thoughts: The are sanitizer wipes I have been trying to use up for a while now. Really nothing special and they are over priced.
Replacement Product:  No name hand sanitizer from Dollarama

The Body Shop Skin Primer Moisturize It
Repurchase:  NO
My Thoughts:  This was the first primer I ever bought when I started to get into makeup. I was looking for an eye primer and was talked into this one from The Body Shop, because I could use it for my face or eyes. I liked it when I first started using it but really started to hate it after a while. It made my face and eyelids way to oily. This has been in my collection for about 3 years now and although it wasn't empty it has changed to a different color so I thought it was time to throw it out.
Replacement Product:  Various random eye and face primers

Great Lash Mascara
Repurchase:  No
My Thoughts: I received this as part of a gift set from Walmart. I really wanted to like this because my mom has been using this for years, but I just couldn't get the wand to work for me. I really like the look of the new brush better. This mascara isn't empty but it has been open for about a year and wasn't safe to use anymore.
Replacement Product: Covergirl Mascara

Covergirl Lash Blast Waterproof Mascara
Repurchase: No
My Thoughts: I really wanted to like this mascara because I really like the non waterproof version. However, I hated this formula and never used it. It was also a pain to get off of my eyelashes.
Replacement Product: Covergirl Mascara

NYC Translucent Powder x2
Repurchase: NO
My Thoughts:  I bought these powders many months ago and used both of them a few times but just couldn't get the formula to work for me. The color is all wrong and they are very chalky. I couldn't get them to blend into my skin. The powder just kinda sat on top of my skin and it was not a pretty look.
Replacement Product:  MAC Pressed Powder

Wet n Wild Ultimate Cover Smooth Foundation
Repurchase: Yes
My Thoughts: I actually didn't mind this foundation. The coverage was decent and it was fairly easy to work with. However, I don't think that this was the right color for me, it never really blended all the way into my skin. I would repurchase this but in a different color. I also like that the cost of this foundation is so low.
Replacement Product: Covergirl Foundation

NYC Mosaic Face Powder Color Wheel
Repurchase: NO
My Thoughts:  This was another NYC Powder that I just could not get to work for me.
Replacement Product: MAC Pressed Powder

NYC Concealer Stick
Repurchase: NO
My Thoughts: This was the worst concealer I have ever used! So so bad!
Replacement Product: MAC Select Concealer

Rimmel Hide the Blemish Concealer
Repurchase: NO
My Thoughts: I bought this concealer on sale for $5 and it was so bad. It just sat on top of the skin and didn't really conceal anything.
Replacement Product: MAC Select Concealer

Avon Glimmersticks Eye Liner
Repurchase:  No
My Thoughts: I really liked this eyeliner. It was very black and had a hint of shimmer which was an unexpected pop of fun to any eye look. However, this eye liner dried out very quickly and was not easy to work with after.
Replacement Product: Various random eye liners

Forever 21 Lip Glosses
Repurchase: No
My Thoughts:
Replacement Products: Various other lip glosses

Clean & Clear Oil Free Moisturizer - Sample
Purchase Full Size: No
My Thoughts: I got this sample at the college as part of a freshman survival pack. I used about half of the sample before I realized that this moisturizer was the reason for my break outs. I finally decided to throw it out.
Replacement Product: Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel


  1. Very nice post! What was your thought on the forever 21 glosses? Were they that bad you didn't know what to say? ;)

    1. It's not that they were crazy horrible the consistency was ok but the smell was awful. It made me want to throw up so I couldn't leave the gloss on my lips for any long period of time.

    2. Oh yeh... I know what you mean. I have this one by avon and it's got like a honey smell to it..which makes me gag. I *love* honey...but not in the lipgloss...