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Monday, February 27, 2012

February Glymm Box

I didn't really have high expectations for this month's Glymm Box. Having been disappointed for the last few months I am really not excited anymore about getting my Glymm Box. This month did come with two full size products but they are drugstore brands, so they are really nothing special to me. The other two samples were extremely small samples of products I am not really interested in trying.
Another disappointment this month was that my replacement product was not sent to me. Last month my Vasanti product arrived empty and I was promised a replacement product. I did not receive it and after a strongly worded email they promised to send me one next month. I guess we will see but I'm not holding my breathe.

Something else I wanted to talk about this month was the Glymm Facebook page. They have made it so that their followers cannot post openly on their Wall. We are limited to only commenting on what Glymm posts. I have my opinions about this, but that's not what this post is about. Ultimately, I feel like the Customer Service with Glymm is slipping and so is the Quality and Quantity of the boxes from month to month. I keep saying every month that maybe Glymm will redeem themselves and again we will see. They have until November to win me back, but right now I am not re-subscribing. With so many other subscription services giving constantly good products and brands I am thinking my money will be better spent elsewhere.

 Sula Natural Shadow
Sample Value: $8.00 for 0.15 oz
Full Size: $8.00 for 0.15 oz
On the Card: Keep your eyes looking flirty fresh with this trendy, easy-to-use Sula Beauty shadow. Enjoy playfully pretty eye shadow in gorgeous colors. They're long lasting, easy to blend and made with natural ingredients.
My Thoughts: This shadow is a cream shadow, a paint pot like product, and green. Not the color I would have bought for myself which I guess is what this subscription service is about, getting to try products we normally wouldn't pick for ourselves. However, I will probably never use this product. I never really wear greens because I don't know how to make them look good. This may force me to start trying things out of my comfort zone or it may just sit in a drawer and never be used. The consistency is okay, not as creamy as a MAC Paint pot or as pigmented as the Color Tattoos. I really wish I had gotten the pink or purple powder shadow that other people got.

 Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm
Sample Size: $7.99 for 4.25g
Full Size: $7.99 for 4.25g
On the Card: This Tinted Lip Balm by Burt's Bees gives your lips a hint of color with a soft sweet flavor. It was also voted Best New Lip Product by Consumers. It's made with natural ingredients that moisturize and condition your lips. This stuff really is the 'balm'.
My Thoughts: This is the second month that we received Burt's Bees products and I don't know how I feel about that. Last month I HATED the lotion that I got, but I am happy so far with the Lip Balm. I like the Coral color that I received and the smell and taste is okay so I will wear this. However, I really didn't need anymore lip products, as I am literally swimming in them already. Although this is a good color and product, I don't like that it is again a drugstore product that is nothing really special.

 GlamGlow Tingling and Exfoliating Mud Mask
Sample Value: $10.92 for 7mL
Full Size: $78.00 for 50mL
On the Card: Lights, Camera, Action! Designed for Hollywood's entertainment industry, it tingles, tightens & lightens in 15 minutes, so you're always camera-ready. Volcanic rock, French Sea Clay and real pieces of Green Tea Leaf will give you super sexy, super radiant skin.
My Thoughts: I am not really a mask person. Sometimes I get into moods where I use face masks regularly and other times I never use them. I am wary to try this mask because I have heard such good things about it, even before receiving it in this month's box. If it is really good and I fall in love with it it sucks because it is so expensive. We also got in this box a coupon code to get this mask full size on the Glymm website for only $50.00. Maybe if I like this I will use my points and splurge to get this mask. Side note: I actually saw this product at Winners in my home town a few weeks ago for only $39.99.

 Mai Couture 2-1 Oil Blotting/Bronzing Papier
Sample Value: $0.48 for 2 sheets
Full Size Value: $24 for 100 sheets
On the Card: Beauty on-the-go? Mai Couture has the solution. This lightly powdered paper eliminates oil and gives your complexion a shimmery glow. No need to worry about carrying your makeup bag and brushes around with you all day. grab a 'papier' and keep your face flawless.
My Thoughts: This has got to be the stupidest sample I have ever received. I am really pale so there is no way I am going to be able to use these without looking muddy. And they are so shimmery; who likes shimmer in a bronzer?? Not me. I will never use these. I wish I had gotten the blush sheets that others got or maybe just a different sample entirely.

Overall this box was a huge disappointment, and I can't honestly promote them this month when the other subscription services were a million times better. And this months box was late because one of the samples arrived late, can't imagine what it was and it definitely wasn't worth the box being late.

Price of February's Box - $10
Value of February's Box - $27.39 (roughly)

Disclaimer - This box was purchased with my own money. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. I agree about the comments on Glymm's wall - wish they would have left it as it was. Thanks for the tip about seeing GlamGlow at Winners - it's even cheaper than this promo!

    1. Hi CityGirl. Thank you for reading my blog and taking the time to comment. I saw the GlamGlow weeks ago and thought $40 for a mask was crazy. Wish I would have picked it up. Don't you just love Winners? You never know what you could find there.

  2. I am not impressed with gylmm at the moment.. for one I cancelled and it is still coming off the visa and I tried emailing them and now no response and the box has went down down down. not happy at all

    1. Hi Anonymous, thank you for reading my blog and taking the time to comment. I understand what you mean. Sometimes I get a response somtimes I don't with them. I had to threaten a bad review in order to get a response about my replacement product. Definitely thinking about switching. Glymm started so strong and is falling so fast!

  3. So True!!!! my mask thingy was empty too hahahaha I just never said anything. Glad you are taking the time to voice your option about this. Really, I couldn't have agreed more with you.

  4. oh and I got paint and peel by sula in midnight blue. the only nice thing about that product was peeling it off lol That was in place of the eye shadow that you got. The only thing I liked was the mask in this months box

    1. I have never heard of the paint and peels...I am assuming that they are nail polishes?? So instead of using Nail Polish Remover they will just peel right off your nails?? I can't imagine them lasting very long without chipping.

  5. Careful with Luxebox if you do switch. They're charging me every month for a 3 month subscription, so instead of paying $12, I'm paying $36 and they're ignoring all my emails/tweets about it!

    1. My issue was resolved yesterday! When my emails went unanswered, I turned to their Facebook page where I got an immediate answer and my money refunded.

  6. I actually received two boxes, they better have not charged me twice! But I received the Sula Blue moon eyeshadow (if anyone wants to trade???) in one and the Paint and Peel nailpolish in champagne coral in the other box. The polish is a beautiful colour! Only problem is because of the fact that you can peel it off when you want to take it off, if you scrape it against something it will kind of pull on the polish which happened in the first 2 hours of wearing it out.

  7. Ooo you got a different eyeshadow than anyone else's I've seen, although I agree, the pink / purple are probably more universally flattering. I'm seriously suspicious as to whether they put any thought at ALL into what samples each person gets. It seems like everyone's pretty choked with this month's Glymm (myself included - but my subscription just ran out) so I hope they pick themselves up soon.

    Also I should mention, if you want to try & win some awesome beauty stuff, I'm giving away a sweet prize package from Pretty Beauty & Books and a $50 gift set from LAQA&CO over on my blog. Check it out here: http://canadiangiftguide.com/winning

    1. I totally agree with you Brittany. We fill out the beauty profile but do they even look at it?? I really dont think that they do. I checked out your blog and I love it. I am following, it would be awesome if you would follow my blog. Thanks for taking the time to comment!