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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

November 2013 Ipsy Glam Bag

November's Glam Bag was super special, because we got 6 products instead of the normal 5, we got a full size product from Michelle's new makeup line EM Cosmetics, and for me 5 out of the 6 products were full size! One of my products arrived damaged but IpsyCare should be sending me a replacement soon. I also received a bonus sample for redeeming some of my points.

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Pixi Beauty Bronzer in Subtly Suntouched

This product didn't make the trip, unfortunately. I have since emailed Ipsy Care and they are supposed to be sending me a replacement, but it has yet to arrive. This bronzer seems like the perfect shade for my fair skin tone, and I find that it blends quite effortlessly onto the skin. There is finely milled shimmer running throughout this bronzer, and it does swatch with a slight sheen, however, it doesn't look glittery. I wont look like a Twilight vampire in the sunlight. I am going to use this product, regardless that it is broken, and I would consider buying another one when I finish this one.

EM Lash Gallery Clean Volume Mascara

Everyone got a full size product from Michelle's new makeup line, and I really didn't want the mascara, so naturally that's what I received. Although I haven't tried this mascara yet, I'm not overly excited too. I haven't really heard anything good about this mascara, and the brush and formula don't seem like anything special. Once I have used up the few mascaras that I have open currently I will try this out.

Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara

This was my add on product for redeeming 1000 Ipsy Points. I am super excited to try this out as I have read some great reviews on it. The size of the brush is huge, and I am hoping I get some great volume, and false lash looks from this mascara.

Nailtini Lacquer in Champagne

This is my second Nailtini Polish from Ipsy. I love the Nailtini formula, so I am happy to receive this product. In the bottle it looks coppery, however on the nail it is a shimmery rose gold. It is a pretty sheer formula, so I needed 2-3 coats for it to look opaque. There is multi-coloured shimmer throughout this polish, that you can see in certain lighting. The finish is streaky, but it isn't a bad streakiness.

Be a Bombshell Lip Crayon in Shameless

Another month, another red lip product. How much red does one girl need?? I don't like this product as much as I liked the Cailyn lip stain from last month. The colour payoff is good initially, but it fades super quick. It is a berry red shade with silver shimmer. It has a glossy finish when you first apply, but it dries to a sticky finish. It is also quite gritty from the glitter. I like that it twists up and you don't have to sharpen it, but I don't think I will be grabbing for this product that much.

Starlooks Gem Pencil in Amethyst

Like the last Starlooks pencil liner I received, this one was very creamy, with excellent pigmentation. It leaves a metallic, almost foiled line. I did find that it has a sticky consistency that has to be set with an eyeshadow or powder. The shimmer lasts all day. I actually find it quite difficult to remove all of the glitter. I probably wont use this as a liner, but as a cream shadow, or base for other shimmer eyeshadows.

BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic Baked Eyeshadow in Sun

This orange/gold eyeshadow when combined creates a shimmery burnt orange colour. Its not an eyeshadow colour I would normally go for, but it swatches so beautifully that I know I will be grabbing for it, just out of curiosity. There seems to be a theme of shimmer in this bag, as almost every product I received has shimmer in it.
Starlooks, BH Cosmetics, Pixi, Be a Bombshell
Overall, I am happy with the contents of this months bag. Got a few colours out of my comfort zone, and most of the products were full size. I definitely got my monies worth with this bag. I cant wait to see what December's bag will hold.

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  1. Ahhh I am so jealous of the eyeshadow you got. I really wanted a sample from the galaxy palette and didn't get one lol.