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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Nail Art for Beginners: The Scrapbook Scissor Manicure

Hey Ladies! If you didn't see my guest post over at Beauty Full Lacquer, then click the link and head over there now. I did a nail art tutorial, and decided to start a series on here called "Nail Art for Beginners." These are going to be my attempts at nail art that I see on Pinterest or other blogs. Some might be successes and others might be complete failures, but I will share the process either way. Hopefully, other beginners like me will find some new techniques to try!

Today's manicure is my attempt at the Pin below. The picture is pretty straight forward. They used scrapbook scissors with a detailed edge to cut Scotch tape, thus getting an effortless design.
For my manicure I chose to use green painters tape, as I was worried that the Scotch tape would stick to the bottom nail polish too much. I used Joe Fresh Hula as my base colour, and Nubar Elegant Indigo as the accent colour. I was surprised that I actually liked how this colour combination looked.
The execution of the manicure worked okay. I was worried that the painters tape would wreck the base colour so I didn't push it down very hard. This caused the detailed edge to not be crisp and clean in some areas. Next time I attempt this I will wait to make sure the base colour is dry, and will try to use scissors with a less detailed pattern.

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  1. Holy crap, I can't believe I've never thought about doing this before. I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog...time to do some easy nail art! :)

    Kalyn @ The Scenic Route