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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Swatched: Quo All About Eyes Palette

As I have been going through my collection over the last couple of weeks, and getting reacquainted with everything that I own, I thought it was about time that I started swatching and reviewing what I have.

The first palette I have to show is the Quo All About Eyes Palette. I picked this up from Shoppers Drug Mart on Boxing Day for 50% off. It's original price was $22, so I got it for $11. I have been wanting this palette for awhile now, ever since I saw it when I bought the Quo Back to Basics Palette. The colours are so me and the purples just look gorgeous in the pan.

Since swatching this palette I am a little disappointed with the colour payoff of some of the purples and I find that some of the shades are a little chalky. The chalkiness and fallout are minimal though and colour payoff is very good on most of the shadows. I may not like Quo's brushes, but all of the eyeshadows I have used so far have been of really good quality.

The eyeshadows are about the size of a loonie, so they will last a very long time. The packaging of this palette is so pretty and is definitely the most glamorous looking palette that I own. The lid is covered in gold sequins and looks very chic. Inside the palette there is a large mirror on one side which makes it perfect for travel and doing your makeup on the go. It also came with double sided sponge applicators, but I threw those out after using them to make the swatches.

Some of the colours were hard to photograph because they are so light, so hopefully you can see them. If you have a chance to pick up this palette some Shoppers may still have stock. I believe that they are still 50% off. This palette is definitely a winner!

 Swatches are done over Hard Candy's Eyeshadow Primer. There are no names for the colours, so I broke them up into groups of four and two.

Have you tried this palette before? What are some of your favourite Quo products?


  1. I have never tried any QUO shades but honestly after seeing this I really want to run and see what they have left from this collection. They look really pretty

    1. They are really nice Cindy! Thanks for commenting! :)
      If you can get your hands on the Back to Basics palette, pick it up, it is a perfect dupe for the Urban Decay Naked palette.

  2. These are such pretty shades! You're right about the colour payoff though. Still, at 50% off, this was a good buy.

  3. This palette is beautiful! I have the back to basics one, and I love it!

  4. love the shades in this palette! i used to have a quo quad that i loved but it was discontinued... i haven't tried any quo eyeshadows since but maybe i'll look into picking up a palette in one of my non-beauty ban months. :)

  5. I've always been a big fan of Quo! This is a great palette :)
    Thanks for stopping by the blog hop! Would love for you to follow along :)


  6. I have this palette as well, it's so incredibly beautiful!!!! :D

  7. I've never really tried the Quo makeup but I love their makeup brushes