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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Winners Beauty Find: Bella Pierre Cosmetics

So this is another Winners Beauty Find Blog. Having watched xsparkage on YouTube for years now, I have always loved all of the pigments she uses. Especially the Naked Cosmetics pigment stacks she has been showing a lot lately. Naked Cosmetics are not readily available to me, and I'm not a fan of buying cosmetics online without being able to check them out in person first. While at Winners a few weeks ago I stumbled upon a new brand of makeup I have never seen there before, BellaPierre Cosmetics. They are a mineral makeup brand that promotes their products as multipurpose. All of their pigments can be used wet or dry, or you can mix them with a clear gloss or nail polish to create your own custom lip and nail colors. There were 7 different kits available, ranging from small 3 color sets to full face kits complete with foundation, blush and bronzer. I purchased the Bella 9 stack kit that also came with an eyeshadow base, eyeshadow and eyeliner brush, clear lip gloss, and an instructional DVD. The colors in this set are all varying neutral shades and extremely shimmery. Only the white and black colors look more matte. The eyeshadow base that comes in the kit is apparently supposed to make the pigments look matte and take away all glitter and shimmer. The lip gloss is vanilla scented, however I find it very sticky a quality I hate in lip glosses. Overall, I find this set an extremely good value compared to the price of these kits online. The website you can find these products at is www.bellapierre.com/shop/ and all prices are in US currency.

The All in one Bella Pierre 9-stack shimmer kit is $134.99
The Eyeshadow Base is $9.99
The lip gloss is $9.99
Eyeliner brush $12.99
Eyeshadow brush $19.99
And the 9-stack by itself is $89.99
Buying each of the kits contents separately will cost $142.95
So online when you by the kit you are saving $8.00

I paid $29.99 for the kit at Winners. If that isn't a deal I don't know what is.

You will see in the pictures below the colors that are included in this kit. Like I said this is a more neutral kit where as the other ones were more vibrant and pastel colors. The only color in this kit I can never see myself using as an eye color is the red. This is definitely a lip appropriate color that I want to try mixing with the lip gloss. I also want to try using this color in my next batch of homemade lip balm to give it a tinted color.

The Instructional DVD included in this kit is kind of useless. It only runs about 5 minutes and says that it will teach you how to use the products. It doesn't do that, all it does is tell you the different uses of the pigments, something you can read for yourself on the back of the box.










Eyeshadow Base

I would give this kit a 5/5 a definite must by at the $29.99 price. I do not think it is worth the online price at all. A good beginners set of mineral makeup.

Disclaimer - This product was bought by me with my own money. BellaPierre is not compensating me for this blog post and review. All opinions are honest and my own.


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    Zomg read it! They sent me an email saying they wanted to see my manuscript! LOLZ. The thing is a HUGE scam. They make you sign a 7 YEAR contract! And sure they publish your book for free, they make YOU buy it and YOU have to market it yourself....So just like self publishing but with THEIR name on it.

    Should I post this on my blog? I'm just worried I'll hurt Katie's feelings :s

  2. Chelsey, what a great find! Loved your review. Which Winners did you find this set at? I would love to get my hands on some of the BP Mineral Powders too!